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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 35 Recap

Tang Yihui and Yanghua chatted about investing with a friend, and in the end Tang Yihui said that if a friend deceived her, she should be responsible for her words and deeds. After all, if you finally gain trust because of lies, and using this trust to obtain benefits constitutes a crime of fraud.

Yanghua was worried about Qin Shi because of Tang Yihui’s words, so he came to stop Qin Shi from signing the contract, and pointed out that Mr. Jin and Mr. Tang planned to test Qin Shi. In fact, Qin Shi did not sign the treaty hastily, but wanted to be honest with Mr. Jin. In the end, Qin Shi told Mr. Jin and Mr. Tang that she would not make any excuses for concealing her marital status, but she also hoped that the law firm could give single female lawyers equal opportunities.

Tao Junhui followed Wu Fei to Wu’s house, but Wu Fei didn’t want to face Tao Junhui. Wu Fei’s father asked if the problem between the two was because of another woman. Although he recognized Tao Junhui’s ability, he also told Tao Junhui that this society Wealth is in the hands of a few people, and without strength and assistants, it is difficult to become a partner of Cheng and Hui. Wu Fei’s father knew that Tao Junhui was a smart person, and advised him that smart people should know how to weigh the pros and cons, and know what to choose.

Tang Yihui was very angry because of being cheated, President Jin persuaded Tang Yihui to let go of this matter, there is no need to make trouble with herself because of this matter. But Tang Yihui didn’t intend to let Qin Shi resign easily. When Qin Shi returned home, she was also worried that her job would not be guaranteed.

She confessed to Yanghua that she almost signed the partnership agreement with a single thought, and she felt that she was very hypocritical. In order to comfort Qin Shi, Yang Hua told Qin Shi that the reason he broke up with Yao Yao was because Qiu Jianxiang wanted to be his son-in-law. Although Yanghua has always promised not to leave her, he still has wavering thoughts in his heart.

At that time, he was also hypocritical and cowardly, and in the end Yao Yao couldn’t bear it and chose to break up. Later, what happened at Wynn 21 made him understand that genius and ingenuity are meaningless in the face of greed. But Qin Shi is different from herself. She insisted on herself today and made the right decision. Yang Hua also said that Qin Shi is so good that he will succeed wherever he goes.

Early the next morning, Qin Shi came to the law firm to find Tang Yihui after some psychological entanglements, and confessed to his mistake and apologized for it. Tang Yihui said that she should be punished for doing something wrong, and she decided to give Qin Shi one last chance to start from the beginning as an assistant lawyer. Because Qin Shi became an assistant lawyer, Mr. Jin decided to hand over the Tianjin Airlines merger and acquisition case to Tao Junhui.

Tianhang’s M&A contract was pretty much negotiated, and Yao Yao’s cooperation was not needed for the time being, so Mr. Yin made things difficult for her with Yao Yao’s personnel file. He was also changed from the supervisor of the customer department to the leader of the training team, which was simply laid off in disguise. Tao Junhui blamed Qin Shi for missing the opportunity to be a partner because of her emotions, thinking that she was too kind and shouldn’t be honest about the fake marriage.

Qin Shi was aggrieved because he became an assistant lawyer, so he looked to Yanghua for comfort, and Yanghua comforted Qin Shi with a few words, and told Qin Shi that the hotel merger case of Tianhang would not succeed. Because Yanghua analyzes from its own perspective, Hu Ping will not invest in the Smart IoT City project, so Hu Ping’s decision will affect the success of Tianhang’s merger and acquisition.

Qin Shi encouraged herself that it would not be difficult to start all over again. For this reason, she actively helped her colleagues solve work problems in the family department. Wu Fei came to work and saw Qin Shi working as an assistant lawyer in the family department, so she specially asked Qin Shi to ridicule her for doing whatever she could to achieve her goals.

But Qin Shi was not afraid of Wu Fei, and asked Wu Fei how he knew how to become a senior lawyer. Wu Fei is able to rely on her father to be able to have today. This kind of behavior is the biggest irony to those hard-working assistant lawyers outside. Qin Shi advises Wu Fei that if she really thinks she is superior to others, she should show the ability to match the high-end family background. Qin Shi’s words made Wu Fei very angry, and then Wu Fei asked Tang Yihui to resign, and Tang Yihui readily agreed.

Cai Liang was very surprised to learn that Yanghua wanted to buy a house, and planned to propose to Qin Shi with the house.

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