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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 33 Recap

Because of this, He Dongna knew that Wang Jiesen had taken a fancy to Qin Shi, and she scolded Wang Jiesen for this. At this time, Mr. Hu also came to catch the adulterer. Mr. Hu directly told He Dongna that the divorce agreement would be sent to her company tomorrow, and the custody of the child would also belong to him. Own. Because of Qin Shi’s cooperation, Mr. Hu decided to talk to Tang Yihui about the investment in person tomorrow.

It turned out that Lawyer Liang told Tang Yihui and others that He Dongna was going to divorce President Hu, and also informed He Dongna and Wang Jiesen of their affair, but President Hu and He Dongna had never been able to discuss the matter of property division, and their children were still autistic. Mr. Hu didn’t want to go through a lawsuit for divorce. He was afraid that it would affect the children, so he planned this matter in order to solve the divorce within the smallest scope.

Qin Shi learned that Tao Junhui was busy all afternoon for her, so she specially thanked Tao Junhui for this. Tao Junhui suddenly hugged Qin Shi, and told her to be smarter in doing things in the future, and not to do everything.

Wu Fei learned that Tao Junhui rushed to Hangzhou to find Qin Shi, but she called Tao Junhui to care about Tao Junhui. Tao Junhui did not confess his whereabouts, and Wu Fei was very disappointed. Gangzi was ordered by Tao Junhui to send Qin Shi back to Shanghai. On the way back to the city, he told Qin Shi that they had told Yanghua about Qin Shi, but unexpectedly, Yanghua was not worried about his wife’s safety at all.

Qin Shi went home and found that Yanghua’s forehead was injured, so he hurriedly said a few words of concern. Qin Shi also specifically asked Yanghua why he had nothing to do with him and was not worried about his accident at all, but Yanghua explained that he believed that Qin Shi would not sell himself for work, and also believed in Qin Shi’s principles of life. Seeing Yang Hua so calm and self-sufficient, not worried about himself at all, although Qin Shi didn’t say anything on the face, he was still dissatisfied in his heart.

When Father Yang learned of his son’s words and deeds, he couldn’t help accusing him of being stupid. Because people are like animals, even if she is a warrior who goes into battle, she still has the softest part. A strong woman suddenly acted like a baby and willful in front of Yanghua, which shows that Yanghua is someone she trusts and relies on. Yang’s father told Yanghua that what he wanted to do was not to praise Qin Shi for how great he was, but to let Qin Shi down-to-earth and be himself in front of him.

After accepting Yang’s father’s guidance, Yang Hua plans to buy gifts to make Qin Shi happy. Yao Yao was praised by the hotel management for his urgent and efficient handling of the client’s suicide. But Yao Yao resented the inconsistency of the company’s leaders. Not only did the hotel employees give false testimony in court, but even allowed the hotel’s VIP customers to sexually harass the employees. She hoped that the leaders would apologize publicly. Yao Yao took out his resignation letter and said that he would wait for the company’s public apology.

Lao Qiao told Qin Shi that Tang Yihui provided Qin Shi with a special car and specially gave her a reward of 100,000 yuan. Qin Shi was very puzzled. After asking, he found out that Yanghua was in a hurry to find him before, and was injured in a driving accident.

Later, he came to the law firm to inquire about Qin Shi’s whereabouts. Give the files to Mr. Jin and ask them to pass them on to Mr. Hu. Mr. Jin couldn’t help feeling that Yanghua and Qin Shi’s husband and wife were really fighting for each other. It turned out that Qin Shi agreed to help Mr. Hu in order to make Wang Jiesen disappear from the financial circle.

Cai Liang was blaming Yanghua for his car accident, Qin Shi rushed to transfer the money Tang Yihui rewarded himself to Cai Liang to make up for his loss. Qin Shi asked Yanghua why he didn’t tell him that he had gone to Hangzhou and had a car accident because of it, and Yanghua also found Mr. Jin for himself. Yanghua said that all this is what he should do, no matter how difficult Qin Shi is to control his heart, he kisses Yanghua in public to express his affection.

Cai Liang took Yanghua and his wife to dinner, and Yanghua gave Qin Shi the signature pen he had prepared, wishing Qin Shi to use it to win more contracts in the future. In the merger and acquisition of Tianhang Hotel, Mr. Jin handed over the case to Qin Shi, saying that the case was mainly focused on Qin Shi, and the team was chosen by herself.

Qin Shi finally chose Tao Junhui as his joint lawyer, and Tao Junhui did not refuse. Wu Fei directly exposed Tao Junhui’s trip to Hangzhou to save the beauty yesterday, and asked him why he lied and deceived others. Tao Junhui didn’t want to explain the matter in the company, but Wu Fei wanted Tao Junhui and herself to leave Cheng Yuhui. Looking at Tao Junhui’s silent face, Wu Fei left angrily.

Tao Junhui found Qin Shi and planned to refuse to become a joint lawyer, which made Qin Shi very angry. Qin Shi said that he chose Tao Junhui because he had experience in mergers and acquisitions, and Tang Yihui was also dissatisfied with Wu Fei because of the He Dongna case handled by Wu Fei. Involving Tao Junhui, Qin Shi persuaded Tao Junhui to think about the matter rationally.

Qin Shi needs to show her famous work on the eleventh floor to prove herself. She also wants to eventually become a partner on the eleventh floor, and even wants to change the unreasonable rules of promotion for single female lawyers in the law firm. For Qin Shi’s goal, Tao Junhui finally agreed to help Qin Shi.

Qin Shi organized a team meeting to discuss the Tianhang merger and acquisition case. Tang Yihui wanted Yanghua, who was born in finance, to help analyze the case, but Qin Shi took the opportunity to refuse. Tao Junhui proposed to investigate Tianhang Hotel from Yao Yao’s money.

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