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Double Love 墨白 Episode 4 Recap

Mo Bai returned the dart to Hoe He and helped him complete the task, but he was ridiculed by many people. Mo Bai immediately showed his strength, and those people left wisely. And he announced in public that everything was done voluntarily by him, not that Jihe asked him for help. It was getting darker and darker, and he was so angry that he left the game. Gu Qiaobei thought that Han Jingmo might like him, but Han Jingmo said that he didn’t know whether he was a man or a woman, and he had no way of liking him.

Lu Wanwan was so embarrassed when she came out of the game, and she also blamed the five poisons for making her a gossip in the game, and she had to pay for it with blood. Han Jingmo also discovered that the photo of himself riding a bicycle was on the hot search. When he was angry, he received a call from his agent. Because of this, advertisers found Han Jingmo and asked him to advertise for new products.

Lu Wanwan also saw that this news was popularly searched, and just wanted to be proud of it, but found that it was full of praises for Han Jingmo. Lu Wanwan was very angry, dissatisfied that Han Jingmo could be praised no matter what he did. Lu Guanghan told Lu Wanwan about the business of Yamashita Bicycles for the company. He had been trying to win Yamashita before but failed, but this time, Yamashita saw Han Jingmo’s fan effect, and helped Han Jingmo get the endorsement, and also praised him. There is no limit to the merits of Lu Wanwan, but Lu Wanwan wanted to go crazy. He wanted to watch Han Jingmo make a fool of himself, but he helped him.

Lu Wanwan wants to take leave to start the exam. Han Jingmo reminds Lu Wanwan not to come back to be an assistant if he can’t get the scholarship. Lu Wanwan is very confident in his ability. On the way back, Lu Wanwan sat in the car and kept looking back at Han Jingmo, because the Internet praised Han Jingmo for being handsome everywhere, she also started to look up and down, and was ridiculed by Han Jingmo again.

Lu Wanwan congratulated Han Jingmo for winning an endorsement. Han Jingmo knew that Lu Wanwan did it, but he didn’t expose it. He deliberately expressed his gratitude to the person who sent him to the hot search, and deliberately said that that person must like him, Lu Wanwan. After the end, he was dumbfounded, but he didn’t dare to refute. Seeing that he had won a round, Han Jingmo smiled happily.

Lu Wanwan accompanied Han Jingmo on a mission to shoot Yamashita bicycle advertisements. He didn’t know to open the door when he entered, and asked Han Jingmo to be the doorman, and followed Han Jingmo to the dinner at the Shanxia bicycle business. At the dinner, he also met Han Jingmo’s rumored girlfriend Li Weiqian, Acting as the heroine of this commercial shooting. After going back, he was still lying on the sofa directly, and Han Jingmo satirized Lu Wanwan as the biggest assistant with a dark face.

Han Jingmo sent a message to Lu Wanwan, and seeing that she didn’t reply, he was worried that eating too much would spoil his stomach, so he hurried to see Lu Wanwan, and found that the door of Lu Wanwan’s room was not locked, and he was playing Tianya Mingyue Dao again For the game, I asked Lu Wanwan to tell him the account number so that the company can take care of it. This game is also endorsed by Han Jingmo. Lu Wanwan thought of how he kicked Mobai, so he quickly avoided it, and lied that he just started playing and didn’t like it.

The heroine of Han Jingmo’s partner this time is Li Weiqian. Seeing that Lu Wanwan came back from buying a lot of things and was wandering outside Han Jingmo’s door, she took the initiative to knock on the door for Lu Wanwan. Hesitating, Li Weiqian took a step back deliberately, making Han Jingmo think that it was Lu Wanwan who knocked on the door, and she was so courteous, but Han Jingmo didn’t greet Li Weiqian, and drove her away unceremoniously.

It was three o’clock in the morning to get up for filming, but Li Weiqian came very late, but the assistant was standing aside with a teacup, but Lu Wanwan was sitting there ostentatiously putting on makeup. Although Han Jingmo gave hints, Lu Wanwan didn’t I don’t understand, I thought Han Jingmo would also touch up his makeup.

When Li Weiqian and Han Jingmo were filming, they accidentally knocked Han Jingmo down, which also caused Han Jingmo to be injured. Before Han Jingmo fell into a coma, he saw Lu Wanwan running in the front, and she also went to the hospital after running, watching Han Jingmo bandage She was relieved, Han Jingmo saw everything in her eyes, and she was very happy. When she returned, Li Weiqian also wanted to get in Han Jingmo’s car, but Han Jingmo only let Lu Wanwan come up and drove away. Li Weiqian felt a little disappointed.

On the way back, Han Jingmo looked at Lu Wanwan and couldn’t help laughing. He deliberately asked Lu Wanwan if he cared about him. Hearing that Lu Wanwan denied it, Han Jingmo deliberately made things difficult for Lu Wanwan. His hand was injured. It all depends on Lu Wanwan, and Lu Wanwan complains in his heart.

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