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Double Love 墨白 Episode 3 Recap

As soon as Lu Wanwan stretched out his hand to hit Han Jingmo’s face, Han Jingmo opened his eyes. Lu Wanwan withdrew his hand in embarrassment. At this time, Lu Guanghan called. Although Han Jingmo reminded Lu Wanwan that his phone must be muted on the set, he still agreed. He went outside to answer the phone, Lu Guanghan blamed Lu Wanwan for running to be Han Jingmo’s assistant, and warned her to go back quickly, but Lu Wanwan was too lazy to listen, and suddenly heard Gu Qiaobei coming, hurriedly went to Gu Qiaobei, and ignored him at all Lu Guanghan.

Han Jingmo became angry when he saw Lu Wanwan treating Gu Qiaobei like a fascinated girl, and deliberately told Lu Wanwan that Gu Qiaobei likes to eat grapes, but it turned out that he liked to eat grapes, and he ate all the grapes that Lu Wanwan took back. .

Lu Guanghan took Lu Wanwan to dinner, but she was thinking about playing games. As soon as she put down the bowl, she went straight to the game world. Mo Bai reminded Huehe not to defeat him, otherwise she would be the one who lost him. After being trained by Mo Bai, Huehe also felt the pressure doubled immediately, but although he suffered a failure in the game, he won the counterattack in the end, and Lu Wanwan also yelled in surprise. But the boy she defeated always followed Lu Wanwan to call her sister, and Mo Bai just happened to see him, and he made the boy disappear in front of him with a wave of his hand.

At this time, Gu Qiaobei rushed to inform Han Jingmo that Yiwei was injured and was hospitalized, and the two hurried over, but Han Jingmo did not forget to remind Lu Wanwan not to come to work today. While in the hospital, Han Jingmo met Yan Shengkai who helped Yiwei out of danger. She was also working on the set, but she was not discovered because of her little transparency. In order to thank her, Yiwei asked Han Jingmo and Gu Qiaobei to take care of her.

Lu Wanwan, who had nothing to do, went to the game world, but was bullied. Mo Bai appeared in time to protect Lu Wanwan, and also aggressively expressed that his people would not allow anyone to bully him. The two received the task of catching the snow fox from Ah Nuan in the game, and went to the snowy place to chase. On the snow-covered land, they had a snowball fight and looked for the snow fox together. After searching for a long time, they couldn’t find the snow fox. But he failed the first mission and was attacked by Xuehu instead.

Han Jingmo’s car was stuck in the middle of the road, so he called Lu Wanwan to deliver something. Lu Wanwan looked at the long motorcade and reminded Han Jingmo not to be late for work, but when he was about to leave, Han Jingmo called him back and snatched the bicycle. Han Jingmo Not minding that it was a pink bicycle, Lu Wanwan angrily took a photo of Han Jingmo riding the bicycle and posted it on the Internet.

In the game, Hoe He accepted the task of escorting the darts, and finally got a carriage when he was choosing a task at the post station in the desert. He drove the carriage forward alone, but encountered an uninvited guest who was full of poisons and blocked the way. Politely, he approached Chuhe to rob the dart, but Mo Bai arrived in time, but he didn’t participate in the fight between the two, but let him fight bravely, and if he failed, he would avenge her. With all the five poisons, he succeeded in robbing the dart easily. When he was showing off on the live broadcast, he was wiped out by Mo Bai flying down, and the things fell into Mo Bai’s hands.

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