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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 32 Recap

Li Dai told Qin Shi that she asked Qiu Jianxiang about banning Yanghua in the financial circle, but Qiu Jianxiang did not admit it. Li Dai suspected that someone deliberately used the events of the year to punish Yanghua.

Wang Jiesen approached Qin Shi and said that Mr. Hu had already handed over Cheng Yuhui’s investment project to himself, so the final decision on this project was in his hands. Wang Jiesen asked Qin Shi to consider his suggestion carefully, and also asked Qin Shi to accompany him to the Hangzhou branch for investigation. His intention was obvious. In order to please Wu Fei, the assistant lawyer of the family department secretly took pictures of Qin Shi and Wang Jiesen having an affair, and Wu Fei sent the pictures to Yanghua.

Tao Junhui also accidentally saw the intimate conversation between Qin Shi and Wang Jiesen, and then he privately questioned Qin Shi because of money and status. . Seeing that Tao Junhui knew the truth, Qin Shi hurriedly took him to the office to explain everything. Tao Junhui looked down on Qin Shi for telling such a lie for a job, and because of this lie, Wang Jiesen took advantage.

Qin Shi was frank about her ambitions, saying that she wanted to be a partner in a law firm, and she wanted to be a winner in life, so that she could live the life she wanted without being picked by others. Tao Junhui finally persuaded Qin Shi that this was just a job, and it was not worth Qin Shi’s exchange for himself, and he kept her away from Wang Jiesen.

When Yang Hua saw the photo, she didn’t doubt Qin Shi, but rushed to the law firm to pick Qin Shi up from get off work, and prepared her favorite hot pot for Qin Shi. Qin Shi asked about the direct relationship between Yang Hua and Yao Yao. Yang Hua remembered Cai Liang’s exhortation, and did not admit that Yao Yao was his ex-girlfriend, but only explained that Yao Yao was a child. Yang’s father also found out about Yao Yao’s affairs, so he specially called to tell Yang Hua to explain to Qin Shi well. But Yanghua didn’t know how to explain this matter, Qin Shi saw Yanghua’s attitude, but felt even more angry.

The next day, Yanghua and Cai Liang discussed about Qin Shi and Wang Jiesen. Although Yanghua knew that Qin Shi absolutely despised Wang Jiesen, he was worried that the person who sent him the photo had unknown intentions. Qin Shi finally agreed to accompany Wang Jiesen to the Hangzhou branch of the law firm, which made Tao Junhui very worried. He wanted to dissuade Qin Shi, but Qin Shi refused on the grounds of work.

The hotel staff was unwilling to say a fair word to Yao Yao for the sake of benefit, so the staff went to Yao Yao to apologize privately, but Yao Yao said that humiliation may not necessarily bring them what they want. Someone committed suicide in a live broadcast at the hotel. Yao Yao was in charge of the matter. She arranged for the hotel staff to quickly find out the room where the guest was staying. In order to find the guest in time, she urgently pressed the fire alarm. guests. But the guest was emotional now, and he became even more angry when facing Yao Yao, and even took out a dagger to kill him.

Yanghua receives a text message claiming that Qin Shi is going to cheat today, and Yanghua brings Cai Liang to Hangzhou to look for Qin Shi. Tao Junhui was worried about Qin Shi. He went to Hangzhou to search hotels and law firms but couldn’t find Qin Shi. He simply called Yanghua directly, asking Yanghua to help find Qin Shi. Cai Liang accidentally learned the news that someone in Yao Yao’s hotel had hurt someone, and Yao Yao was injured. On the one hand, Qin Shi could not be contacted, and on the other hand, his ex-girlfriend Yao Yao was injured. Yanghua finally chose to turn around and return to Shanghai.

Wu Fei’s father told his daughter that He Dongna was arguing for a divorce from Mr. Hu. Tang Yihui should have known this a long time ago, and she might have reached an agreement with Wang Jiesen. Wu Fei secretly came to Qin Shi’s office, trying to find the relevant agreement, and accidentally found the marriage agreement between Qin Shi and Yanghua on Qin Shi’s computer.

Tao Junhui found the hotel where Qin Shi and Wang Jiesen were staying. He wanted to rescue Qin Shi, but found Qin Shi just behind him. Wang Jiesen also thought that the woman in the room was Qin Shi, but he didn’t expect it to be He Dongna.

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