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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 31 Recap

Tao Junhui took Wu Fei to his office and explained to her that avoiding wrong strategies would lead to unmanageable consequences, and it was also for the benefit of the agent He Dongna. They have no evidence now, and eager for quick success will only cause bigger problems. For this reason, Tao Junhui pointed out that Mr. Duan, the third-party witness proposed by Wu Fei, has a character problem, which is well known in the industry. If the case is unfavorable for them to prosecute, it is best to settle outside the court.

Tang Yihui called He Dongna to discuss the case. He Dongna expressed that she would not accept any form of settlement. Even if Tao Junhui showed the surveillance video of Tianhang Hotel, she would not give up the settlement and insisted on suing immediately. He Dongna also said that she did not want to fight this lawsuit, but Tianhang Hotel insisted on fighting it.

Lao Qiao told Wang Jiesen about Qin Shi’s work and family situation, which troubled Qin Shi very much. Lao Qiao thinks that Wang Jiesen is a friendly army. After all, he is investigating Cheng and Hui to invest, but Qin Shi said that the law firm may not represent He Dongna’s case, and Mr. Hu may not invest in Cheng and Hui. Wang Jiesen happened to come to Qin Shi for this matter. Qin Shi wanted Lao Qiao to continue to deal with Wang Jiesen, but Wang Jiesen said that looking for Qin Shi was a private matter.

After Lao Qiao left, Wang Jiesen asked Qin Shi that he seemed hostile to him, and expressed his willingness to communicate frankly with Qin Shi. Qin Shi directly asked whether the person who let Yanghua invest in Haibo Biotech was Qiu Jianxiang. At that time, he agreed to testify for Yanghua, why the responsibility was finally pushed to Yanghua.

Wang Jiesen bluntly said that even if he kept Yanghua at that time, there would be no turning point, and their fund managers had to rely on Qiu Jianxiang for food, and keeping Qiu Jianxiang would have a better future. Yanghua just didn’t understand the rules in the industry back then, which is why he lost so badly in the end. Although Wang Jiesen is not proud of what he did back then, he would not choose it back then either.

After talking about the past, Wang Jiesen invited Qin Shi to dinner again, but Qin Shi felt it was unnecessary. Wang Jiesen was very puzzled as to why Qin Shi wanted to package an unemployed person as a career elite, and why the two lied that they were married and had children abroad. Wang Jiesen was very puzzled by this matter, and planned to ask Tang Yihui about it. In order not to expose the matter, Qin Shi had no choice but to explain that Wang Jiesen had misunderstood him, and reluctantly agreed to Wang Jiesen’s invitation.

Tao Junhui didn’t want to continue to represent He Dongna’s case, but Wu Fei didn’t want to give up. She also said that Tang Yihui had promised herself that once Tao Junhui finished the case, she could directly become a partner of the law firm. On the other hand, Tang Yihui also told Qin Shi the terms of exchange between herself and Wu Fei, and Wu Fei also asked Qin Shi to leave the law firm.

Although Tang Yihui was unwilling to use He Dongna’s case to lose Qin Shi, a general, but considering Mr. Wu behind He Dongna, she asked Qin Shi to contact Wang Jiesen to deal with Wu Fei. Tang Yihui also secretly told Qin Shi that He Dongna was ready to divorce, so He Dongna’s case would not be directly related to Mr. Hu’s investment law firm.

Yanghua is going to testify for Qiu Jianxiang in court. Qin Shi explained the problems that Yanghua needs to pay attention to, and he is also worried that he will be nervous in court. Yanghua then appeared in court, analyzed Qiu Jianxiang’s investment behavior from the information he knew, and answered the judge’s questions. Finally, Qiu Jianxiang thanked him when he left.

On the other hand, Yao Yao, as a representative of the hotel, was eventually slandered, but she could not produce actual evidence. Li Dai and Yanghua saw Yao Yao also appearing in the court. In order to prevent Yao Yao from being surrounded by reporters at the gate of the court, Li Dai and Yanghua cooperated to take Yao Yao away. When Yang Hua and Yao Yao met again, they couldn’t help thinking of the past. Yao Yao chose to break up because Yang Hua was going to work in Canada. Yanghua followed Li Dai to the hospital to visit Qiu Jianxiang who was hospitalized due to a heart attack, and Yanghua also told Li Dai that he knew that Qiu Jianxiang might suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Qin Shi went to make an appointment with Wang Jiesen alone. Faced with Wang Jiesen’s questioning, he had to explain that the reason for lying was because of work. Wang Jiesen recognized Qin Shi’s ambition and ability, and thought that she had no need to be satisfied with Cheng Yuhui’s eleventh floor. After Cheng and Hui’s inspection work is over, his next job is to go to Zurich. He invites Qin Shi to go with him, but Qin Shi makes excuses and politely declines him.

The hospital confirmed that Qiu Jianxiang was indeed suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It turned out that Yanghua’s guess from Qiu Jianxiang’s behavior was correct. Yanghua believed that Qiu Jianxiang’s work was everything, far more than family and children.

Qin Shi rushed back to the office, thinking that Wang Jiesen told him that Yanghua almost became Qiu Jianxiang’s son-in-law, and that Yanghua was not single back then, and had a childhood sweetheart’s first love girlfriend, Qin Shi was very angry. Cheng and Hui congratulated He Dongna on winning the case, and Li Dai also told Qin Shi that they met Yao Yao in the court, and also told her that Yao Yao was abandoned by Tianhang Hotel. Li Dai also specially told Qin Shi that according to her observation, Yang Hua and Yao Yao have a good friendship.

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