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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 30 Recap

Wang Jiesen stayed in Cheng Yuhui to participate in the project inspection, Tang Yihui told Lao Qiao to cooperate with administrative and financial issues, and asked Qin Shi to cooperate with company operation and business issues. Qin Shi took Wang Jiesen to the conference room for placement. Wang Jiesen asked about Yanghua’s recent situation, but Qin Shi politely refused because the company did not want to talk about private matters.

Wang Jiesen continued to ask Cheng Yuhui’s criteria for accepting cases, and Qin Shi bluntly said that money is the decisive factor for lawyers to accept cases. Talking about He Dongna’s case, Qin Shi admitted frankly that the law firm does not make money. What the law firm maintains is fairness, not justice. Agents may be good people or bad people, perpetrators or victims. What lawyers have to do is to safeguard their basic rights as human beings.

Wang Jiesen invited Qin Shi to have lunch alone, but Qin Shi was unwilling to eat with him, so he took the opportunity to find an excuse to refuse. Yang Hua came to the prison to meet Qiu Jianxiang, and asked why Qiu Jianxiang let himself buy Haibo Biological Fund heavily. He just wanted to know whether Qiu Jianxiang made money from it. Qiu Jianxiang firmly stated that he had never encountered a penny of money that should not have been touched in his life. After getting the answer, Yanghua did not express that he would definitely help Qiu Jianxiang after leaving the prison, which left Li Dai speechless.

Li Dai asked Qin Shi for help. In order to let Li Dai help conceal her marriage and Yanghua’s resume, Qin Shi had to agree to help. Qin Shi returned home and told Yanghua that he met Wang Jiesen at the law firm today, and Wang Jiesen came to inspect the law firm on behalf of Mr. Hu. Yang Hua told Qin Shi that Wang Jiesen was very scheming, and told Qin Shi not to get too close to him. Yang Hua blamed himself for not being able to help Qin Shi too much now, but Qin Shi said that no matter in the past or now, she already liked Yang Hua’s ability to maintain his original intention.

The next day when Qin Shi went to work, he happened to encounter Tao Junhui going out to investigate the truth. Seeing that Tao Junhui was injured in his right hand and it was inconvenient, Qin Shi offered to help drive. Wang Jiesen came to Qin Shi, but Qin Shi did not expect that Qin Shi specially arranged for Lao Qiao to deal with Wang Jiesen, which made Wang Jiesen very dissatisfied.

Because I heard the quarrel between Tao Junhui and Wu Fei, I said that I would like to repay my kindness. During this time, I was Tao Junhui’s assistant to help investigate the truth of the case. Qin Shi believes that both Yao Yao and He Dongna have reasons for lying, and now is to find third-party evidence.

Qin Shi directly disguised his identity to come to Tianhang Hotel for inspection, and took the opportunity to connect with Tao Junhui’s mobile phone to let him check the status of the hotel room. After checking the hotel room, Qin Shi came out of the hotel and reported the specific situation to Tao Junhui. The hotel room did not have monitoring facilities, and the security guards and staff had no other evidence.

On the other hand, Wu Fei also contacted He Dongna to ask if there were any witnesses on the day to prove what she said was true, and He Dongna agreed to provide witnesses. After Tao Junhui returned to the law firm, he found his friend Gangzi was here, and Gangzi told Tao Junhui and Wu Fei to let him investigate Yanghua’s affairs. Gangzi gave Tao Junhui the resume of the investigation, and said that Yanghua had been unemployed for four years. Tao Junhui asked Gangzi to keep this matter secret, especially not to tell Wu Fei.

Qin Shi asked the aunt of the Malatang restaurant for the package, and specially prepared the family version of the spicy Malatang for Yanghua. Yanghua inquired and learned that Cheng and Hui needed Hu Ping’s financing very much, and how much the failure of financing would affect Qin Shi’s future partner status. Qin Shi asked Li Dai about asking Yanghua to help Qiu Jianxiang, and instead persuaded Yanghua to refuse to help, but Yanghua said that only he was the most suitable to save Qiu Jianxiang.

But Qin Shi said that no matter what Yanghua decides, she will be very supportive. He also asked him not to be pressured to do anything, but to do what he wanted. Thinking of what he had promised Li Dai, Qin Shi still added that they should speak up bravely and dare to fight against evil forces. Faced with Yanghua’s doubts, Qin Shi had no choice but to admit that it was because of Li Dai’s request that he wanted to persuade Yanghua to help.

After going to work, Yang Hua told Cai Liang that he didn’t plan to go to the investment department, he only planned to continue working as a small employee. But Cai Liang wanted Yanghua to lead him to be promoted, so it was a pity that he missed the opportunity. Wu Fei rushed to ask Qin Shi why he investigated his agent, and Tao Junhui came to explain that he had arranged for Qin Shi to do it. Wu Fei accused Qin Shi of being mean and shameless, and used Tao Junhui for the case. Seeing that the two women were about to quarrel, Tao Junhui hurriedly took Wu Fei away.

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