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Double Love 墨白 Episode 1 Recap

Lu Wanwan is a little girl named Jihe in the game world of Tianya Mingyue Dao. She managed to steal half a day to sit under the flowers and want to have a rest. As a result, many people gathered around, clamoring to wait for the Great God Mobai Come on, Mo Bai is the number one in the strength list, and is also an idol that everyone worships, but just when he appeared chicly, he was knocked into the air by Hoe He, who was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a crack in the ground to get in.

After leaving the game world, Lu Wanwan began to be afraid of the revenge of the Great God. Sure enough, as soon as the game was opened, countless people wanted to add friends, one of them was Mo Bai, and the two made an appointment to meet in the game, but Mo Bai relentlessly continued After beheading Lu Wanwan several times, Lu Wanwan complained endlessly. After avenging his revenge, Mo Bai immediately terminated his friendship, and Lu Wanwan called Xiao Yanzi to complain.

After ordering takeout for her brother Lu Guanghan, Lu Wanwan was going to audition with Little Swallow, and her favorite idol was Han Jingmo. She acted like a baby to Lu Guanghan and found out that Han Jingmo had a charity basketball match.

During Lu Wanwan’s interview, he was given the task of narrating a sad song. With a sad face, Lu Wanwan told about the tragic fate of himself and his brother. The poor brother didn’t know his true orphan status for so many years. It also made the judges cry, but it also made Lu Guanghan sneeze profusely.

Lu Wanwan entered the game and saw that the environment was good. Just as he was about to stretch, a sword-wielding Zou Tianya behind him put his sword on his neck. Lu Wanwan ran away, but was stopped and asked to let him go. She left money to buy the way, and Lu Wanwan, who was not convinced, challenged the opponent, but was hacked and killed continuously, and there was no room for retaliation. After dying several times, she was forced to follow the sword and go to a place. Met Mobai. Lu Wanwan quickly saluted respectfully and apologized for the previous incident, but Mo Bai lied that he did not know Lu Wanwan.

Mobai and the young master of the Tang Sect went to the end of the world with their swords on the plane, and Hoe He went to fight monsters together. They both chose to use voice changers. Only Hoe He used the original sound. Han Jingmo was a little stunned when he heard the original sound of Hoe He. At that time, he was injured to save Chihe, seeing that his blood volume was damaged, Chihe hurriedly used his own blood volume to give Mobai.

During the decisive battle against Bai Xiaosheng, everyone found that they had become pawns on the chessboard, only Dihe was not in it, helping them to fight the periphery. After Bai Xiaosheng was defeated, another flute player came and summoned Shi He The bull monster, seeing that his opponent was strong, he just lay down and pretended to be dead.

After defeating the monster, several people chatted and asked each other about each other’s idols. Lu Wanwan also made no secret of his liking for Han Jingmo, but he didn’t know that Mo Bai was Han Jingmo.

During the basketball game, everyone cheered for Han Jingmo’s appearance. Lu Wanwan stood up and waved to cheer, but accidentally caused the water bottle to drop away, and Han Jingmo happened to catch it. Han Jingmo actually saw Lu Wanwan at a glance from the crowd, and remembered what the two of them knew when they were young, and the two met once later, but Lu Wanwan didn’t recognize him at the time, and Han Jingmo always remembered Lu Wanwan Hearing Lu Wanwan’s cheers and cheers, Han Jingmo couldn’t help laughing.

Han Jingmo was injured while playing, but he didn’t care. Han Jingmo, who was in a hurry to catch up with the next interview, bid farewell to his teammates after the basketball game.

Han Jingmo met Lu Wanwan as soon as he arrived on the set. Lu Wanwan hurriedly chased Han Jingmo to say hello, but Han Jingmo accidentally poured a glass of water on him. Lu Wanwan thought it was intentional and wanted to apologize after chasing Han Jingmo. After not responding, he also poured his own glass of water down.

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