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Bright Future 县委大院 Episode 6 Recap

Mei Xiaoge and his mother were busy in the kitchen. He suddenly remembered that the pickles his mother had fried before were also delicious. His mother told him not to always think about eating so many pickles, because what others said was right, eating pickles is good for the body. Not too good.

Mei Xiaoge remembered that Secretary Zhou was the first to build a house in that area before, and followed one after another. The people next to him thought that there were too many branches in the middle. Important, in fact, the key point is to see which way the wind is blowing. Looking at the overall situation of the country’s environmental protection, the leaders think that the policy is the policy, but it is much more difficult to implement in practice, and it will become another matter.

Mei Xiaoge didn’t pay much attention to what he said. He changed his style of painting and brought up the matter that Ye Hechang didn’t want to continue working, but he would rather go to work in other villages. Mei Xiaoge was drinking tea, but the leader next to him still didn’t believe it. He is acting, pretending to be poor on purpose, if one day he and Li Laiyou really change, he will not do such a thing, it is quite difficult for him, hiding in Tibet every day like a usury, Mei Xiao Song didn’t think of anything when he heard this.

The project of moving the tomb was in full swing, and the surrounding excavators were also constantly digging, pushing pieces of the wall to the ground. Lin Zhiwei was walking on the road, and his mother still did not forget to tell him what he had told him. Lin Zhiwei remembered it very clearly. It was an old wine from 1988. His mother told him to come here, asked him to be more positive, and reminded him When you see Secretary Zhou, remember to call him uncle.

Lin Zhiwei’s mother still recalled that when he was in the workshop, he used to call Secretary Zhou’s wife sister. He hurriedly took his son’s hand and told him that this uncle loved Do two things: After writing the calligraphy with a brush, drink two sips of old wine, remember to pass the wine to the other party, Lin Zhiwei listened carefully and agreed one by one.

After knocking on the door and entering, I knew that Secretary Zhou was very happy at home. Secretary Zhou’s wife also hurriedly greeted them, Lin Zhiwei’s mother did not forget to introduce her son, and the owner of the house hurriedly greeted everyone to enter. Chat in the room. When they arrived at the house, Lin Zhiwei’s mother and Secretary Zhou’s wife chatted happily. Lin Zhiwei sat there cautiously by himself. Next to him, Secretary Zhou watched TV and asked him whether he had graduated from a bachelor’s degree.

Lin Zhiwei hurriedly Nodding in response, Secretary Zhou also felt that it was good to be back, and being close to home, the county still lacked talents like them. He said that Secretary Zhou had also looked at Lin Zhiwei this week and had some affirmation of him. Secretary Zhou also asked Lin Zhiwei what was his impression of the secretary of the county party committee. Lin Zhiwei thought that the two had not had direct contact with each other.

People in the government thought he was very gentle. Secretary Zhou drank tea and sat silently beside him, as if thinking Thinking about the problem, Lin Zhiwei thought of the old wine he brought from home, and said that he was going to get the wine for Secretary Zhou. Secretary Zhou directly said that he had given up drinking because of high blood pressure. Hastily withdrew his hand back.

Lu Qingshan told everyone that it is not a situation of increasing income and reducing expenditure, but that flowers are blooming everywhere. This hole must be filled quickly. While earning money is important, it is also important to ask for money. He directly pointed out that the country is investing more and more in agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Do his job well, and when the project is established, the money will still come. He also asked Secretary Ai Xianzhi to hurry up and work.

Moreover, the funds have not arrived, and everything is invisible. Lu Qingshan told everyone that the most urgent thing is the water source protection project. If this matter is resolved, the urgent need will be resolved. The state will have special funds to support it. The tourism industry will follow suit. Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. Lu Qingshan also asked the relevant leaders to divide the tasks so that others can solve them quickly. Don’t delay until midnight just because the things during the day are not done. .

Speaking of this, Lu Qingshan asked Qiao Shengli to bring up some situations. According to his own knowledge, there are no more than eight households and houses related to him. Secretary Zhou also spent a lot of time on the small yard.

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