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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 27 Recap

Ban Xia asked Zhao Lei if he had thought about quitting his job in Shanghai and continuing to work in Binhai, so that he could spend more time with her, but Zhao Lei was only used to working in foreign companies, and he thought the job in Shanghai was very good. Tong Xiaoqi came home from get off work and received a message from Gao Xinyi. During this period of time, she has seen Tong Xiaoqi’s changes, and knows that he is trying to catch up with her footsteps, but the relationship between the two should stop here, and he will always be the best person in her heart.

The next day, Banxia was discharged from the hospital and went to the company’s project headquarters. Su Guoliang said that it was difficult to form an Internet company with funds, but Banxia said that the company’s turnover has indeed been difficult recently.

Tong Xiaoqi sent her a sum of money, which was earned by the team recently. He also said that he would sell the transportation company. After the evaluation results, he would sell it to whoever offered the highest price. Ban Xia naturally disagreed, but Tong Xiaoqi smiled and said he had other arrangements. Qiu Bizheng was really worried about the factory, so he asked Feng Yu to persuade Wu Jianshe, but Wu Jianshe believed that he must earn back the capital before Xu Banxia’s factory was established, so he was determined not to stop production.

The three voted with a show of hands, and Feng Yu still stood by Wu Jianshe’s side, and directly sent Qiu Bi away righteously. Qiu Bizheng later went to see Guo Qidong in prison, sincerely apologized to him, and asked him what to do.

Guo Qidong’s suggestion to him was to quickly withdraw the money, and then invest the money in Xu Banxia, ​​because Xu Banxia’s steel mill represented the future. Qiu Bizheng is very embarrassed, not to mention whether Xu Banxia is willing to accept him, Wu Jianshe should tear him up after knowing this. Guo Qidong pointedly pointed out that he and Wu Jianshe are not far away from tearing their faces apart.

It is nothing more than a question of who is active and who is passive. Gao Xinyi received a call from Bianzi and learned that the company was about to be sold, and Tong Xiaoqi also disappeared all day long, and his daily meals were delivered by others. Gao Xinyi immediately went to the company and drove away those who came to the company for evaluation.

After finding Tong Xiaoqi’s whereabouts, everyone immediately drove over to look for it, and saw Tong Xiaoqi learning to cook inside. Gao Xinyi went over to ask and found out that he had already made up his mind to go to the United States with her, so he made up his mind, Chinatown in the United States The best seller there is Sichuan cuisine, so he specially came to learn how to cook Sichuan cuisine.

After thinking about this, Gao Xinyi was moved to tears, and couldn’t help hugging Tong Xiaoqi. Not long after Wu Jianshe secretly discharged sewage, the groundwater was polluted, and even Banxia’s construction site was not spared. The workers talked a lot, and Banxia appeased their emotions, saying that they would report to the relevant departments as soon as possible.

Gao Xinyi went to the kitchen to cook. Gao Yuejin knew that she had something to tell him, but she didn’t expect that what Gao Xinyi wanted to say was that she was going to marry Tong Xiaoqi, and the time was set on December 31st. Even though Tong Xiaoqi was willing to learn how to cook and open a restaurant in the United States for her sake, Gao Yuejin still did not agree with their relationship.

In her opinion, Gao Xinyi’s world view will become bigger and bigger as her studies progress, and then she and Tong Xiaoqi will have nothing to talk about, so they are not suitable for marriage. Gao Xinyi tried his best to persuade his mother, but in the end Gao Yuejin had nothing to say.

Qiu Bi was looking for Banxia, ​​and proposed to withdraw his money from Wu Jianshe’s factory, and then invest it in her, along with a Kaiping factory. Ban Xia agreed, but she asked Qiu Bizheng to deposit the money into the company’s account within a month, otherwise everything would be lost. Three days later, Qiu Bizheng withdrew 6 million from the account of Jianshe Steel Plant. Wu Jianshe was very angry. Qiu Bizheng simply talked to him. As long as he returned the money and shares he invested, he would immediately withdraw from the account. The steel mill left.

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