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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 29 Recap

Wu Fei guessed that Yanghua did not work in any investment bank after leaving Hengli, so he must be lying. But what Wu Fei didn’t know was that Tao Junhui had asked someone to investigate Yanghua when he knew Yanghua existed. Knowing that Wu Fei didn’t have any dinner that night, Tao Junhui planned to take her to have dinner, and the two also came to the Malatang Restaurant next to the school, just in time Qin Shi took Yanghua to leave after dinner.

Wu Fei took the opportunity to ridicule Qin Shi whether he knew what happened to Yanghua that Mr. Wang revealed back then. Qin Shi was not interested. At this time, the boss of Malatang accidentally knocked over the plate, and Tao Junhui was scalded by the hot soup to protect Qin Shi. Qin Shi kindly wanted to send him to the hospital, but Wu Fei bluntly refused and asked Qin Shi to stay away from Tao Junhui in the future.

On the way home, Yanghua admitted that Tao Junhui was a good man, and said that if Qin Shi wanted to look for Tao Junhui back, the two could divorce. Moreover, Yanghua was also worried that the people in the law firm would doubt his resume after what happened today, but Qin Shi said that what happened today was his own fault, because he was selfish and asked Yanghua to accompany him to socialize because of his ambition. to the people. Yang Hua also confessed that he was not angry, but just realized that he is a coward through today’s events.

Wu Fei sent Tao Junhui home, worried that he would be unable to move because of the burn on his right hand, and wanted to stay and take care of him, and even more worried that Tao Junhui’s injury would affect the wedding. Tao Junhui took advantage of the situation and suggested that it would be better to postpone the wedding, and besides, he also wanted to rely on his own efforts to buy a house and give Wu Fei a home.

Wu Fei thought that Tao Junhui was angry because of signing the prenuptial agreement, and she also said that she could not want anything in the future, and she only cared about Tao Junhui. Wu Fei didn’t want Qin Shi to stay with Cheng Yuhui. She could see that Tao Junhui always had Qin Shi in his heart. Even though Qin Shi was married, Tao Junhui would still care about her. This made her unable to accept Tao Junhui’s good treatment of Qin Shi.

Yang Hua told Qin Shi that he had always been defiant at a young age, and Wang Jiesen was Qiu Jianxiang’s favorite fund manager, and he always wanted to inherit Qiu Jianxiang’s position, but his appearance destroyed his plan. At that time, Haibo Biology was not the stock that I and Qiu Jianxiang would choose, but the fundamentals of this fund were too good at that time. After the failure, Yanghua investigated and found that the stock was abnormally in and out. Wang Jiesen knew the ins and outs of everything, but he told Yanghua not to talk, he went to tell the board of directors. And Yanghua still doesn’t know why Qiu Jianxiang betrayed him.

Two months after returning from Canada, Yanghua started looking for a job step by step, but no company hired him. Yanghua suffered setbacks at that time and gave up on herself. After half a year of suffering, Yang’s mother urged Yanghua to go out to find a job. At that time, Yanghua started to make money by trading stocks at home. Seeing such a lack of confidence in Yanghua, Qin Shi reassured him that it is not terrible to stumble, and it doesn’t matter whether Yanghua stands up and faces it bravely or lies flat on the ostrich. Now Yanghua can rely on himself, and the two of them will get through the difficulties together. Hearing Qin Shi’s words, Yang Hua was moved to tears, and hugged Qin Shi to enjoy the warm moment between the two.

Early the next morning, Qin Shi prepared breakfast for Yanghua and went to work. Seeing that Yanghua was still in a bad mood, he called Cai Liang to ask him to take care of Yanghua. Father Yang came to find Yanghua early in the morning and told him about Li Dai’s request to him last night. Li Dai wanted Yanghua to let go of the past and help Qiu Jianxiang, her mentor, but Yang’s mother blamed Qiu Jianxiang for ruining her son, making him unwilling to work for four years.

Yang’s father said that Yang Hua should actually help him. A person needs to experience ups and downs in his life, and he can’t just win but not lose. A happy life requires not only enjoying failure, but also learning to forgive others. After all, letting go of the victim is tantamount to letting go of yourself.

Yao Yao, as the duty manager on the day He Dongna checked into the hotel, came to the law firm to clarify the facts. On the night of check-in, according to what Yao Yao saw, He Dongna was not taking a shower when the bathroom glass broke. Later, it wasn’t the hotel that drove her away, but He Dongna insisted on leaving the hotel. Moreover, he refused the hotel staff to send her to the hospital for treatment. Yao Yao said that the hotel was willing to accept mediation, but would produce evidence from the hotel to clarify the facts when necessary.

Regarding He Dongna’s case, Tao Junhui and others reported the progress to Tang Yihui. Through investigation, Tao Junhui and others also found Yao Yao’s life history. She has no major problems at work, and it is not easy for the hotel to dismiss her.

Wu Fei wanted to use public pressure to get the hotel to compromise, but Tao Junhui said that they should proceed with caution. Public opinion is a double-edged sword. If there is no actual evidence, it may encounter backlash. After the meeting, Wu Fei accused Tao Junhui of opposing her ideas in public. The Tianhang Hotel she was concerned about was currently afraid of the influence of public opinion, and she didn’t care about all the truth of the case at all.

Qin Shi moved to the new office and happened to hear the conversation between Wu Fei and Tao Junhui. Tang Yihui came to congratulate Qin Shi for moving to a new office, and took the opportunity to ask Qin Shi for help.

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