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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 28 Recap

Lao Jin was in a hurry to go on a business trip because of the case, but Tang Yihui wanted him to meet Hu Ping together, because the law firm couldn’t find a suitable person to talk to Hu Ping about investment. After all, Tang Yihui really wanted Cheng Yuhui to get financing and go public. Tang Yihui thought about it, and suddenly remembered that there was someone who might be able to help.

Tang Yihui approached Qin Shi and asked Yanghua to come forward to help. After all, according to the information she knew, Yanghua was working in an investment bank abroad. Qin Shi was afraid that Yanghua’s work would be ruined, so he wanted to refuse the matter, but when he heard that Tang Yihui asked her to take charge of He Dongna’s case with Tao Junhui, he agreed to the conditions very heartily.

Qin Wenyu and Ren Meimei planned to go out to play, so they wanted their mother to take over the company’s affairs temporarily, but Qin Wenyu’s mother was dissatisfied with them when she learned that they were not planning to have children when they went out to play and rest.

The bank thought that a female colleague asked Yanghua for help and wanted Yanghua to take her to the investment department for development, but Yanghua refused. The female colleague said that she knew that Yanghua was the head of the fund that failed to invest in Wynn 21. She wanted to threaten Yanghua with this matter, but she did not expect that Yanghua would not accept the threat at all and chose to leave directly.

As Qiu Jianxiang’s attorney, Li Dai asked him about the sale of the funds he operated. Qiu Jianxiang denied that he had any interest in the other party’s foundation, saying that he did not collect black money, and he did such a stupid thing well. What he did was based on his own judgment. There may be only one person in this world who understands what he does, but This person may not help himself.

Qin Shi and Yang Hua dressed up and came to the reception, only to find that the scale of the reception was very large. Tang Yihui saw Qin Shi and the two of them, and told them to perform well tonight. After Tang Yihui left, Qin Shi was always nervous because he was worried that Yanghua would be betrayed, but Yanghua was very calm. Yang Hua appeased Qin Shi, and took the initiative to say hello to the business people at the reception.

On the other hand, He Dongna came late and told Tang Yihui that her husband couldn’t come to the reception because of something, but today the vice president of the company is also in charge of many investment projects of the company, but to Yang Hua’s surprise, the vice president who came was exactly the one who met him in the past Vice President Wang.

Faced with this person, Yang Hua couldn’t hide his anger and found an excuse to leave the table. Qin Shi used the excuse of Qiu Jianxiang’s return to China to ask Mr. Wang about the past. Mr. Wang told everyone that the most famous fund of Hengli was Yongli 21, and the most powerful fund manager was Yanghua. Wu Fei guessed that Wynn 21 The person who failed in trading is Yang Hua.

Yanghua called Qin Shi, saying that he couldn’t help her this time, and he had already left first. Qin Shi was worried about Yanghua, and after greeting Tang Yihui, he also left the reception to look for Yanghua. Qin Shi finally finds the lost Yanghua on the side of the road. When Yanghua sees Qin Shi coming, he hugs Qin Shi and weeps silently. Then Qin Shi took Yanghua to the Malatang shop next to his university, and took him to taste his favorite food.

Wu Fei took great pleasure in running away because of Yanghua’s downfall. She even asked Mr. Wang about what happened back then, and learned that Yanghua left Hengli after the accident that year, so she was even more sure that Yanghua was the one who had a big accident that year. fund manager. Because Li Dai couldn’t get in touch with Yanghua, she went directly to Yanghua’s home to visit.

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