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Bright Future 县委大院 Episode 5 Recap

Qiao Shengli went back to Old Uncle Qiu again. As soon as he sat down, Uncle Qiu asked him if he had eaten. Qiao Shengli hadn’t eaten. He also asked his aunt what to eat for lunch. Victory came late, if he could come earlier, he could still eat the steamed buns made by his aunt. Lao Qiu also told the other party that he would eat porridge and steamed stuffed buns at noon at home. At the conference, Mei Xiaoge, as a representative, made a speech on the ten key points of work in the near future, and wanted to continue to comment on this.

He continued, according to the past practice, today’s self should have some bold words, such as To make Guangming County’s industry bigger and stronger, agriculture successful, towns beautiful, towns rich, and the city’s economic ranking top six, etc., Mei Xiaoge feels that such goals, the current government, during the term of office It was still difficult to accomplish, and when the subject changed, Mei Xiaoge still did not believe that the next government team would not be able to do this.

Mei Xiaoge recounted that he recently went to several bureaus of industry and finance, looked at several statistics of Guangming County over the years, and also read the proposals of two sessions of the National People’s Congress and some members of the CPPCC, and found that the main problems were concentrated in the industry.

The development is not enough, the basic setting is not perfect, if it is not the bottom one of the collective, it will burn high incense. Lin Zhiwei, who was next to him, asked his colleague next to him. He didn’t understand why Mei Xiaoge closed the door to pick up his scars like this.

Everyone discussed and whispered, Mei Xiaoge continued to propose a nine-direction policy: planning risks, collecting water, and seeking development, and the secretary of the county party committee also made it clear that he would focus on the five majors, strengthen the five weak ones, continue to improve the standards of the five modernizations, debts, expenditures, and far The retirement salary of the old doctors in the county cannot be paid on a monthly basis.

For such a problem, Mei Xiaoge decided to strictly correct and develop, so that both legs can continue to walk at the same time, but this first step must also be Seeking truth from facts, some things can not be erased.

Lu Qingshan added, the data problem has been repeated several times, and last time I asked how many companies were registered in the county in the first half of the year. The four companies directly differed by nearly ten times the amount. When I asked, I directly made up for several companies.

Lu Qingshan repeatedly emphasized that the data cannot be faked or messed up, and people around me will report the data for themselves today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. If it is checked at the time, it is called fraud. Now the environment is poor, and the thinking is also conservative. Lu Qingshan proposed to let everyone work together and fight with one’s back. Now everyone is still doing things on the same boat. Everyone has a paddle in their hands. We must work together and unify our thinking.

After the lecture, Mei Xiaoge and others suggested that the meeting ended here, and when everyone was packing up their things and preparing to leave, Lu Qingshan suddenly received a call and asked everyone to wait for a moment. The probability will also come to the county, Lu Qingshan reminds everyone present, must pay attention at any time, don’t be found out by others, hang in towns, key enterprises, if found again this time, the situation will be very bad Yes, after the explanation, everyone dispersed.

After Mei Xiaoge and the others came to the place where the grave was moved, the villagers who moved the grave cried bitterly after telling the old father, and bowed deeply to his father. After the work was done, the surrounding excavators began to work.

Ai Xianzhi received the notice to hold an impromptu meeting, because tomorrow the provincial environmental protection inspection team will arrive in Xinzhou first, and in the early morning of the day after tomorrow, they will go directly to the counties and cities. Ai Xianzhi guessed that they are very likely to She will come to Guangming County, and the river sewage is a time bomb. She also thinks that it is impossible to complete all the environmental protection equipment overnight, but she also believes that this is currently the most It is a good way and the only feasible thing. I hope to persuade farmers to sell their pigs.

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