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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 26 Recap

Gao Xinyi worked hard for a long time, and the application to go abroad finally came down, but she hadn’t decided whether to go or not. Su Guoliang said that she must go, otherwise she would regret it. Gao Xinyi handed over the information to Banxia, ​​and asked how she maintained her relationship with Zhao Lei. Banxia said that the relationship will not fade because of the distance.

As long as the hearts are together and trust each other, everything will be fine. OK. Wu Jianshe signed another big contract with the client, but the worker got into a fight with the kitchen staff at this time, saying that the food smelled too rusty. Wu Jianshe told Qiu Bizheng to appease the workers, and at the same time let the maintenance personnel take up their duties as soon as possible.

Gao Xinyi helped Tong Xiaoqi find a card, and accidentally saw Tong Xiaoqi’s wish list, which was almost all about himself. Gao Xinyi couldn’t help laughing out loud, and his heart was surging with emotion. Gao Xinyi called Banxia to eat together, and then Tong Xiaoqi also came. Gao Xinyi asked Tong Xiaoqi in front of Banxia when he planned to marry him.

Tong Xiaoqi took out the pair of rings and took advantage of the opportunity to express his thoughts. Gao Xinyi was very moved and couldn’t help hugging him. Ban Xia on the side showed a gratified smile and witnessed their love and marriage proposal. Ban Xia walked out, and couldn’t help but think of Zhao Lei in another city.

She called Zhao Lei and tentatively asked if he could appear in front of her eyes. Zhao Lei was stunned for a while, and Ban Xia also knew that her question was too abrupt, so she joked about it. Gao Xinyi took out the admission letter from an American school, and Tong Xiaoqi knew that she had been preparing for the exam for a year, and only when she passed the exam did she tell herself.

Tong Xiaoqi was immediately disappointed, he was no longer happy just now, and he was unwilling to drag Gao Xinyi down with his marriage. Gao Xinyi left angrily, and Tong Xiaoqi felt uncomfortable. Over the past year, he has been changing for Gao Xinyi, but Gao Xinyi is going abroad, how can he follow in her footsteps.

For the sake of high production, Qiu Bi is asking the workers to rotate the wheels, even if the equipment is overloaded, he doesn’t care. He just asks the auxiliary department and the debugging department to work in 24-hour shifts, and mass production must be guaranteed no matter what. Gao Xinyi cleaned up the house, Tong Xiaoqi never came back, she packed her things and left.

Perhaps knowing that Gao Xinyi would not come back, Tong Xiaoqi helped his brothers sign all the reimbursement forms. Pinellia was busy working for days, didn’t eat well, got stomach perforation, fainted when inspecting the work on the construction site, and was sent to the hospital in time. Fortunately, it was delivered early. If no one found out, the consequences would be very serious.

Tong Xiaoqi and Gao Xinyi came to the hospital to see Banxia, ​​but they haven’t reconciled yet. Ban Xia didn’t want to tell Zhao Lei about the hospitalization, Tong Xiaoqi didn’t handle his own feelings well, instead, he first talked about the relationship between Zhao Lei and Ban Xia, Ban Xia didn’t care. Gao Xinyi asked Gao Yuejin about this matter, and Gao Yuejin felt that as long as it is true love, distance is not a problem.

The surrounding villages were seriously polluted, and some people were admitted to the hospital. The superiors temporarily decided to suspend all sewage enterprises near the village. Wu Jianshe had just received the order and really didn’t want to stop production. Even though Gao Yuejin called to warn him, Wu Jianshe privately told Qiu Bi that production would not stop.

Wu Jianshe committed the crime against the wind, and even secretly discharged the sewage in another way. Qiu Bizheng always felt that something big was going to happen. Su Guoliang notified Zhao Lei. When Zhao Lei returned to Binhai and called Ban Xia, she lied that she was still in Beijing, and when she turned her head, she saw Zhao Lei walking into the ward.

Although Zhao Lei was by his side, both of them were busy with their own affairs, especially Zhao Lei, who spent more time facing the computer than Pinellia, and he said that he would go back the day after tomorrow at the latest.

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