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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 27 Recap

Cai Liang told Qin Shi that Yanghua was the youngest fund operator in Qiu Jianxiang’s fund team and had the largest number of funds. If there was no such thing as Wynn 21 back then, Yanghua must be the king of funds today.

Tao Junhui and Wu Fei brought their parents to dinner, Wu’s father and Wu’s mother gave their daughter a wedding room, and they also wanted to make an arrangement with Tao Junhui’s mother for their children’s marriage as soon as possible. Tao’s mother had no objection to the determination of the next marriage date, and asked her son Tao Junhui, Tao Junhui also said that he had no objection, and everything was based on Wu Fei’s opinion.

After returning home after the dinner, Mother Tao asked her son if he had a conflict with Wu Fei, because she saw that his son was worried. After asking, I learned that Tao Junhui and Wu Fei had signed a prenuptial agreement. Although Tao’s mother did not object to her son signing a prenuptial agreement, she believed that money was not important, as long as her son lived happily.

Qin Shi and Yanghua returned home after having dinner with Cai Liang. On the way, Qin Shi expressed his belief in Yanghua, and the failure of Wynn 21 was not the reason for Yanghua. Yanghua, however, believed that the actual trader of Wynn 21 was himself, and that it was not scary for people to make mistakes, as making mistakes proved that they still had shortcomings.

These mistakes and failures can bring wealth to people, but what is really scary is the human heart, jealousy, and greed. Yanghua had been sought after by countless people before, but it was not until one day that he realized that he was nothing. Qin Shi comforted Yanghua that he would always be with him in the future and never leave him.

Qin Shi suddenly received a call from Qin Wenyu for help, and rushed to Qin Wenyu’s house to find that Ren Meimei was making a fuss about jumping off the building. After Qin Shi appeased Ren Meimei, he learned that Qin Wenyu drugged Ren Meimei to have a baby because his mother promised to give him a sports car as long as she gave birth. Ren Meimei was dissatisfied because of this matter, but Qin Wenyu also exposed the content of the contract between Ren Meimei and her mother. The two discussed that as long as they gave birth to a child, the mother would give Ren Meimei 20% of the company’s shares. Qin Shi saw that the two were plotting against each other, so he simply took out the divorce agreement and asked the two to sign the divorce.

Unexpectedly, Qin Wenyu’s quick signing this time would also reveal the grievances buried in his heart for a long time. In the middle, he was considered useless, and his wife kept the divorce agreement all the year round, which made him have no self-esteem. Ren Meimei felt sorry for her husband, but the two of them admitted their mistakes without saying a few words, one didn’t want a sports car, the other didn’t want shares, and they reconciled very quickly.

The next morning, Yanghua came to Cai Liang with snacks, and felt sorry for the pressure he had put on Cai Liang for so many years. Cai Liang was flattered by this behavior. Cai Liang said that the president asked him about Yanghua, and it is estimated that Yanghua will be promoted to the director of the investment department. Yanghua learned through understanding that Qiu Jianxiang was prosecuted for alleged benefit transfer, and colleagues in the bank also looked at Yanghua with admiration because of this matter, and wanted to ease relations with him.

Old Qiao came to report to Qin Shi, saying that lawyer Zhang of the law firm will go on a business trip to Wuhan next week, and Qin Shi can move to the office vacated by lawyer Zhang. Qin Shi found out from Lao Qiao that the current star in the law firm is He Dongna, and she wants to demand a public apology from the Tianhang Hotel for the expulsion, as well as compensation.

He Dongna asked Tianhang Hotel to prepare to sue the hotel if it did not apologize publicly after three days. Qin Shi knew about this matter, and guessed that He Dongna found the law firm through other people, otherwise Tang Yihui’s character would not have taken over the case. Lao Qiao told Qin Shi that He Dongna was a friend of Ximei’s public relations boss, and Qin Shi guessed that this case was arranged by Mr. Wu for Tao Junhui.

Tang Yihui arranged a huge team of lawyers including Tao Junhui for He Dongna, which made Qin Shi very puzzled, and Lao Qiao told Qin Shi that the real reason might be that He Dongna’s husband was Hu Ping. Hu Ping is the boss of a venture capital company and made his fortune in financial investment. The reason why Tang Yihui attached so much importance to He Dongna’s case was because of Hu Ping’s real intention. Qin Shi believes that the media exposure rate of this case is very high, and it is a good opportunity to earn fame. What she needs most now is popularity, which makes her very excited.

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