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Bright Future 县委大院 Episode 4 Recap

Lin Zhiwei ran into Jiang Xia who had helped him before in the elevator. Jiang Xia looked unhappy and felt that something was bothering her. Lin Zhiwei asked her about getting off work so early, but she didn’t respond. Afterwards, Jiang Xia asked him How about the sorted data? After learning that it was handed over to Xiao Zhao, Jiang Xia asked her to hand it in by herself in the future instead of letting others do it for her. Lin Zhiwei was stunned and then agreed. After finishing her job, she has nothing to do. She kindly reminded Lin Zhiwei that he would be taken away by others to please his superiors, but Lin Zhiwei still didn’t understand what she meant.

When Lin Zhiwei came back, he greeted Aunt Tang. His mother told him that the food was hot in the pot, and told him to eat it quickly. When Zhiwei was working, Aunt Tang suddenly remembered that he ran to his house all day long to find his son to play with. However, the children grew up and worked in a blink of an eye. Lin Zhiwei’s mother was still talking to Aunt Tang, My son was working overtime last night to write materials. Qiao Shengli and Mei Xiaoge walked together.

He told Mei Xiaoge that Sunday rest was not guaranteed, and it was normal for family members to have opinions. Mei Xiaoge asked if his daughter-in-law was still at her mother’s house. Qiao Shengli was going to waste his daughter-in-law for a few days , she will take the initiative to come back. Looking at Qiao Shengli’s frowning face, Mei Xiaoge joked that he was afraid of his wife. When they walked, they came to the area where the ancestral grave was demolished.

Mei Xiaoge knew that it was difficult for the other party to communicate with his family. Big, Qiao Shengli answered the phone and learned that the mobilization meeting for the grave relocation had been arranged. He turned around and told Mei Xiaoge that the village party secretary of the third term would arrive at the scene. After hearing this, Mei Xiaoge asked others to follow him to see the situation.

At the meeting, Mei Xiaoge told everyone that the reason for moving the grave was that the county hospital was going to move here, but now the place is too small and too old, and if it doesn’t move, it will get stuck, and you can only move it step by step. He also told everyone that the hospital and another school are the first places for people with good academic qualifications to stay. It has been changed. In the future, whoever has an intractable disease will no longer have to go to the city for treatment.

These situations depend on how everyone does it. Mei Xiaoge also seriously told the people around that the entire county is not owned by other leaders, but by other leaders. It was shared by everyone, and Mei Xiaoge immediately felt sorry, saying that he was going to bother mobilizing the masses, and finally Mei Xiaoge did not forget to ask everyone to think about this matter of moving the grave. After telling all this, Mei Xiaoge still stood Get up and bow deeply to those around you.

After listening to everything Mei Xiaoge said, the mobilized people sitting at the front thought that he spoke very well. As the oldest branch secretary in the village, he was the first to offer to take the lead in signing. The people next to him were also worried about the former cadres. Whether to bring it or not, some people inside were not convinced and felt that it should not be signed.

Lu Qingshan flipped through the documents at home, and was fascinated. He almost forgot about Mei Xiaoge next to him, and hurriedly asked him to make some tea for himself. Mei Xiaoge did not forget to add a glass of water for him. , Mei Xiaoge accidentally caught a glimpse of the group photo on Lu Qingshan’s wall. He curiously asked if the person next to him was County Mayor Jiang. Lu Qingshan nodded in response, because Mei Xiaoge had met him at the meeting before.

The meaning of Mei Xiaoge’s speech was going to be done according to the above. He told Lu Qingshan that the government office had also written one, and on the whole, it was still the same as before. Lu Qingshan looked at the manuscript and asked Mei Xiaoge if there was any What’s the problem? Mei Xiaoge himself thinks that some of the numbers and statements mentioned in it are not only because he can’t do it this time, but according to the current development of the county, it will be difficult to do it in the next year. Mei Xiaoge personally More inclined to seek truth from facts.

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