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Bright Future 县委大院 Episode 3 Recap

Mei Xiaoge flipped through the documents in his hand. He proposed that he wanted to see all the economic data in the past ten years, including those that had problems, and asked the people below to get them out as soon as possible. Then someone pushed the door and came in and told Mei Someone in Xiaoge suddenly petitioned, and the director next to him asked someone to go to the Letters and Calls Bureau to follow the procedure, and he could not come to Secretary Mei for business.

In the office, Lin Zhiwei stepped forward to check what his colleagues were busy with. It turned out that he wanted to see his comrades writing something so that he could learn more. When his colleagues turned around, he hurriedly explained that he was just watching and would not disturb the other party.

The colleague next to him leisurely picked up a cup of small tea and told Lin Zhiwei: Secretary Mei Xiaoge held a county-wide meeting of leading cadres, and the county government was going to focus on the work. When I have nothing to do, can I continue to ask him questions? Before Lin Zhiwei added the other party’s WeChat, the director suddenly came over and ordered everyone to do some things, and asked Lin Zhiwei to go out with him.

Looking at the information on the report, Mei Xiaoge found that it started after the Spring Festival last year. Director Shi added that there were many uninterrupted situations during the period, and the hospital’s re-employment outpatient subsidy was also in arrears many times. Knowing that the dean has no salary, Mei Xiaoge said with a smile that he also had pneumonia when he was a child, which was also favored by Director Shi.

He recalled that at that time he had a high fever every day, and everyone in the family He didn’t know what was going on, and he gave himself medicine indiscriminately. In the end, he didn’t know it was risky until he arrived at the hospital. When Director Shi heard this, he suddenly remembered that he had an impression. Afterwards, Mei Xiaoge assured everyone that today’s matter must be explained to everyone. .

A large number of people outside the door stopped Director Wu and hurriedly locked the door. Director Ye Hechang sat in the office with a sad face. Director Wu told Director Ye that the county magistrate was looking for him everywhere. Hearing this, Ye Hechang suddenly regained consciousness. Hastily turned on the phone and walked downstairs. When they got downstairs, Ye Hechang arrived in a hurry. At this time, Mei Xiaoge, who was sitting in the middle, had already introduced work with other leaders. Ye Hechang sneaked in and sat down, but was caught by Mei Xiaoge. After the joke, Mei Xiaoge told him that the matter had been told to him on the phone.

While everyone was there, Mei Xiaoge asked everyone to sit together to think of a solution and come up with a plan. The deputy county magistrate Ming Lu asked Ye Hechang next to him if he could make up the remaining 70. Ye Hechang noticed that everyone around him was watching Looking at himself, he knew about this matter before, and he had done research. Ye Hechang told everyone that he didn’t delay on purpose, but mainly because he really had no choice.

Mei Xiaoge next to him understood his difficulty. He asked the other party to think of a way to move it from another place, but the snowball rolled too much before. Ye Hechang told himself that he could only move half of it there. Deciding to let the rest be packaged and distributed, Ye Hechang promised that it would not exceed three months at most. When Qiao Shengli came home from shopping, he saw the electric car parked downstairs. After opening the door, no one made a sound when changing shoes. After putting the things down, Qiao Shengli dialed the number by himself to call his father to ask Xiaoman Whether he brought his own child home, his father told him the truth directly, Qiao Shengli was relieved, and he asked his father to say hello to his mother before hanging up.

Lin Zhiwei was walking in the corridor when Jiang Xia, a lesbian next to him, stopped him and told him that the speeches of previous county magistrates were all in the reference room, and that if he wanted to read them, he could go and look them up. The other party said thanks. On the other side, Qiao Shengli was cooking for himself in the kitchen. He suddenly heard a sound of chopping. After opening the window, he found that someone had punctured his tire. He was so angry that he lost his appetite and continued to eat. Get ready to deal with things in half an hour.

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