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Bright Future 县委大院 Episode 2 Recap

The owner of the oil mill sat in the room and fanned his fan leisurely. He said and handed over the account book for Mei Xiaoge and the others to check. Lu Qingshan looked at the account book and felt that there were many people pumping oil. , She said that she also asked Lu Qingshan to go to the left and right neighbors to inquire about the fame. The boss made it clear that he was not greedy, and he would not ask for more, and the compensation was based on the actual profit standard.

Mei Xiaoge flipped through the account book and felt that the profit was too stable, and that the peanut’s income did not fluctuate as much as possible every year. After speaking, Mei Xiaoge handed the account book to Lu Qingshan for him to check. Still a little flustered in her heart, she couldn’t help but look at her family.

After reading it, Lu Qingshan also felt that the price of peanuts fluctuated greatly, but the price of oil they sold was very stable. Mei Xiaoge next to him also joked that they were not embarrassed to raise the price for the neighbors. To teach myself, the proprietress bit her body and was not afraid of the shadow, Lu Qingshan handed over the account book and asked them to go through it carefully. When they went out, Lu Qingshan and the others were still prepared to deal with the tax situation.

At this time, Zheng San called, and Mei Xiaoge was going to find a time to meet up. Knowing that Zheng San happened to be in the yard, Mei Xiaoge and the others invited him to come over for a gathering. In the office, Zheng San knocked on the door and entered with Mei. Xiaoge sat down after shaking hands, and Mei Xiaoge asked the other party about Mr. Yang’s situation, and gave Zheng San time to get the other party together.

At the meeting, Qiao Shengli reported on the work situation. Five of the originally planned fifteen households were completed due to special reasons today. Fortunately, this problem has been resolved. Qiao Shengli said that apart from Lao Qiu and Lao Fan, There is also the proprietress who runs the oil shop. Except that they are not sure now, he thinks that if he works harder for the rest, there will be no problem if he works harder tomorrow.

Lu Qingshan asked who had other problems. Ai Xianzhi found out that the relocated households were all women-headed households. She also decided that starting tomorrow, the female cadres would gnaw down those few hard bones. She also felt that sometimes the problems of the masses are not so complicated. Well, many people are not afraid of losing money, but are afraid of taking advantage, so they have been procrastinating and not moving, procrastinating and procrastinating to become a nail household.

Mei Xiaoge thinks that it is necessary to conduct a specific analysis, the composition of the personnel, the age of the family members, and who is in charge of the family? Do you have any relatives outside? The specific reason for not wanting to move out is to learn to fully listen to the opinions of the masses. Lu Qingshan also agreed with him after listening, and asked everyone to go door-to-door to check.

After the meeting, Mei Xiaoge returned home. He looked around, took out his luggage, books and other items and arranged them neatly one by one. At night, Mei Xiaoge checked his mobile phone and answered the call and learned that the house in Youfang had collapsed. He quickly dressed and rushed over. When he arrived at the scene, the police were also there. He also said that their house was illegal. Seeing that Mei Xiaoge was the new leader, Lao Qiu didn’t take him seriously at all. He also called Mei Xiaoge the acting county magistrate, and it should be called Deputy Mei Secretary, Lao Qiu also said that Mei Xiaoge could not make an official announcement, and Mei Xiaoge just smiled and agreed with his words, ready to check the situation with the other party.

After sending the injured to the hospital, Mei Xiaoge also asked the others to remember to bring medicine. Before Lao Qiu left, he called Mei Xiaoge and said that as long as he was not dismissed like his predecessor Jiang Xinmin, he would still have a chance to deal with him in the future. , After saying goodbye, Lao Qiu left, Mei Xiaoge just smiled and said nothing while looking at him, and the people next to him also comforted him, but Mei Xiaoge should not take this kind of temper to heart.

On the other hand, because Zheng San went to visit Mei Xiaoge with a good deal to attract investment, he deliberately got close to him. At the shantytown renovation progress coordination meeting held by Lu Qingshan, Ai Xianzhi proposed to let female cadres do the work of demolition households headed by women. Mei Xiaoge decided to analyze specific problems and then went door-to-door to do the work.

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