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Bright Future 县委大院 Episode 1 Recap

Mei Xiaoge ran alone on the playground. After a while, he was tired and out of breath and stopped to rest and drink water. On the side of the road, Mei Xiaoge met Cao Lixin. Cao Lixin was talking about his new arrival. Several projects, fighting for support in the city, after chatting with each other, Cao Lixin patted Mei Xiaoge on the shoulder and complained about the good news of his appointment, but he didn’t tell himself alone, so he came here to congratulate him, Mei Xiaoge It was because they were too busy with impromptu affairs. As they talked, the two were bickering and preparing to go home.

Cao Lixin was going to invite Mei Xiaoge to dinner. , when the higher-ups came to check, they went to the village to make up the numbers. Cao Lixin also boasted that Mei Xiaoge’s predecessor, Jiang Xinmin, really dared to falsify the data on the surface. Cao Lixin wiped his mouth after eating and told the other party that the entire Guangming County was waiting. Seeing him take office, Mei Xiaoge showed no rush. He still thought that eating was the most important thing.

Due to the dismissal of his post and the difficult situation in Guangming County, Lao Qiu, a senior petitioner in Guangming County, had conflicts over the demolition of his house and pretended to drink pesticides to attract the secretary Lu Qingshan and others. Lu Qingshan rushed to the office , the subordinate next to him was still nearby, and hurriedly told him about the situation at the scene.

Tan Jiajie, the deputy captain of the traffic police brigade, stopped Zheng Guiping who was driving on the side of the road. Tan Jiajie asked him to show his driver’s license, because the other party was still on the phone while driving. Tan Jiajie was about to deduct two points from him. Zheng Guiping felt that it was unnecessary for him to get up so early and show up. , the deputy captain of the traffic police asked him to stop talking nonsense, and asked who he was calling?

Zheng Guiping took out his mobile phone and asked him to look at the phone records. It turned out that Lu Qingshan had been troubled by the demolition of the house. He called him. The deputy captain didn’t say anything, but warned him to be more careful next time. Zheng Guiping smiled and closed the car door and drove away. .

Beside the demolition of the house, Lao Qiu also complained about Qiao Shengli’s ungratefulness. He reminded him that when he was sick, no doctor dared to look at him, but now that he has grown up, he brought people to demolish the house of the savior. Qiao Shengli nodded beside him. , When Lao Qiu finished speaking, he hurriedly explained that the person was not brought by himself.

Qiao Shengli said that he was going to come in. He wanted Uncle Qiu to invite him to have breakfast. Seeing that he was about to hurdle in, Lao Qiu quickly let him Go away and call his dad to come and comment. Secretary Lu arrived at this time. He watched the ladder ready to be moved away, otherwise people would be tripped when going in and out. Lao Qiu saw that Secretary Lu was coming, so he quickly removed the ladder to welcome him in and complained.

He thought so A good house can be demolished, and I can support it myself, but the premise is that I need to understand the situation. The person next to me quickly took out the information, and he also explained to Lao Qiu that the situation of each house is different, and Lao Qiu was very angry. Stamping his feet, he said that he had something to do as soon as he called the other party. He said that he was in a meeting and criticized him for being an official. He always believed that the other party had not grasped the national policy well and needed to pay full responsibility.

After answering the phone, Lao Qiu asked Lu Qingshan if what he said was correct. Lu Qingshan took the information and asked him to listen to his speech. The demolition is a problem of housing resettlement. Lu Qingshan thinks that if he is not satisfied with the demolition, he can hire a lawyer. Come to negotiate and let the law solve it, Lao Qiu insisted that this is not a matter of reason, but a matter of trust.

On the other side, the deputy secretary Ai Xianzhi criticized the work of the people around him, asking them to reflect on themselves and not be too selfish. Looking at the situation in front of them, Ai Xianzhi was about to close the field, and the village director Liang Hongwei stood up and was about to say a few words , explaining that people around are relying on the factory for food, and it’s not easy to get orders, and you have to pay a lot of fines for missing work, but the people next to you still suggest closing the factory.

Zheng San, chairman of East Asia Star Energy who assisted in the demolition, rushed to the scene to adjust the housing problem like Lao Qiu. He also said that everyone’s request could be discussed, but Lao Qiu still thought that he wanted everyone to move out, and then forced himself to be alone. , Lao Qiu persuaded the people around him not to be deceived by them.

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