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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 25 Recap

After Wu Jianshe’s steel mill opened, he received a lot of orders, and Qiu Bizheng was very happy. Banxia went to replace Su Guoliang and told the universe the good news. She rented the tidal flat and the plan for the new steel factory was finished. Their long-cherished wish was finally coming true. Universe wants Ban Xia to take him back again, so that after he dies, he will know where he should go.

Before dawn in the morning, Tong Xiaoqi was responsible for diverting the attention of the nurses on duty, while Su Guoliang and Zhou Qian were responsible for taking the universe out of the ward. They left the hospital all the way by car and went to the beach. When they arrived, the sun was rising from the sea.

Universe told Banxia that in the future she must manage the Universe Steel Plant well, and when she thought of the fire in the Universe Steel Plant, Universe felt warm. Accompanied by his friends, Universe fulfilled his last wish and closed his eyes without regret. The heartbeat stopped, Pinellia also stopped the watch, and the fresh life in the universe completely stopped at this moment.

After the universe passed away, Zhou Qian’s heart also died. She decided to go back to her hometown, and she didn’t want the money that the universe left her. Universe bought a glass bottle before his death, saying that he was going to the Maldives to fill it with sand and give it to Pinellia and the others, but before he could go to the Maldives, he was hospitalized for chemotherapy.

This bottle would bring back sad memories for Zhou Qian, so she didn’t keep it and gave the bottle to Pinellia. Before the universe was born, he made a list of things he had to do. Following Tong Xiaoqi’s example, he also made a list, all of which were related to Gao Xinyi. The old worker suggested that Wu Jianshe overhaul the blast furnace. If it is not overhauled, it is not recommended to use it again in principle, otherwise it will be dangerous.

The death of the universe made Banxia completely understand that no amount of money can buy back the feelings and the people who left. She went home and took out a sum of money, and said something to Xu Youren, which made a qualitative change in the father-daughter relationship that had been maintained by money for so many years.

In the winter of 1999, the construction of the Universal Steel Plant had already started, and everyone was very busy, especially Ban Xia, who always went to the construction site to keep an eye on the progress of the project. Tong Xiaoqi’s transportation company is also decent, with an office building. Banxia and Tong Xiaoqi are also completing the wish list left by the universe step by step, helping him build a primary school in Xiutan Village.

The water in the village near the construction steel plant was polluted, fish and shrimps died, and many villagers also suffered from stomach pains, so several villagers sneaked into the steel plant to find a place for sewage discharge, but were arrested by the security department of the steel plant Wake up, Joe Bi is going to settle the matter.

Qiu Bizheng did not object to the villagers’ investigation of the sewage, but he also said that they must have formal documents before they can be investigated, otherwise it would be impossible to sneak in like this. The villagers didn’t accept his rhetoric, and seeing that they were about to make a fuss, Qiu Bizheng thought of another way, asking people to temporarily open the sewage system and take the villagers to see it.

The villagers dispelled their doubts after seeing it, and left in a swarm. Wu Jianshe learned that Qiu Bi was opening the sewage system without authorization, so he hurried over. Before the villagers had gone far, he ordered the sewage system to be shut down, because it was really expensive to operate.

Wu Jianshe asked to continue to increase production. It will take two or three years for Xu Banxia’s factory to open. They must make enough money in two or three years. Otherwise, when she gets up, this steel factory full of old equipment will not be able to handle Xu Banxia.

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