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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 23 Recap

Not long after Gao Yuejin’s speech ended, the bidding for Provincial No. 2 Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. started. Wu Jianshe raised the price from more than 30 million to 40 million. Zhao Lei chased after the increase under Ban Xia’s suggestion, and he always agreed with Wu Jianshe for 500,000. The price is raised. Ban Xia on the other end of the phone was dissatisfied and directly asked Zhao Lei to raise the price higher.

Later, Zhao Lei increased the price to 49 million. Wu Jianshe here was not calm, and he was also on the phone with Qiu Bizheng. Doing the final struggle and decision. Wu Jianshe offered 50 million yuan, but Zhao Lei did not follow up again. No matter how eager Banxia was on the other end of the phone, Zhao Lei remained silent. In the end, Wu Jianshe won the steel factory at a price of 50 million yuan, and Banxia was in a trance by the sea. .

Feng Yu asked a lot of people, and knowing that Banxia was at the beach, he came to drink with her, but Banxia got up and left after taking two sips, saying that he still had something to deal with. Universe called Zhou Qian at night, dragged her out of the hospital secretly, and took a taxi to the airport. He had already booked a ticket to the Maldives and even a hotel.

Zhou Qian knew that she couldn’t persuade him, so she felt helpless and distressed. When Banxia came home, she had a quarrel with Zhao Lei. She was extremely restless at the moment, and she didn’t want to listen to Zhao Lei’s explanation. Because Zhao Lei didn’t understand his painstaking efforts and didn’t listen to his explanation, he had no choice but to pack his things and leave with his suitcase.

Before leaving, he told Ban Xia that Wu Jianshe had come to find him, and then left. At the same time, the hospital also found that Chen Yuyu was missing, and urgently notified Tong Xiaoqi. Gao Xinyi found that Yuyu’s passport was missing, and guessed that they went to the airport to fly to the Maldives.

Tong Xiaoqi immediately notified Banxia to go to the airport, otherwise he would go to the Maldives to collect Chen Yuyu’s body. The three kept searching at the airport, and finally found Chen Yuyu and Zhou Qian who were about to check in and board the plane. Tong Xiaoqi wanted to go up to stop him, but Banxia held him back. He wanted to fulfill Universe’s wish, but Universe spit out a mouthful of blood and passed out on the ground.

Chen Yuyu was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Banxia came to see him. Zhou Qian woke up the sleeping Yuyu. This was the doctor’s order to wake him up every few hours, otherwise he would not be able to wake up by himself. Universe asked her about the next arrangement.

Before Banxia could figure it out, Universe said that they could build a steel factory of their own, order equipment, and borrow money. Before Ban Xia left, he promised him that he would build the steel factory in his lifetime. Ban Xia went out and chatted with Zhou Qian, Zhou Qian broke down and cried, Ban Xia knew that she was in love with the universe, seeing how painful it was for her to see the person she loved was getting closer and closer to death.

Now the universe only wakes up for two or three hours a day, and Zhou Qian is taking care of him meticulously, wiping his face and hands for him, never leaving even half a step. Ban Xia will also take time to come to the hospital to take care of him. Gao Xinyi and Tong Xiaoqi will come and change shifts with Ban Xia to take care of the universe. At the last moment of the universe, they are always there.

This was the last thing they could do for Chen Yuyu. Later, the time for Yuyu to wake up became shorter and shorter, and sometimes he couldn’t even say a few words. When Gao Xinyi came to replace Banxia, ​​he asked if Zhao Lei still needs to be paid next month. In fact, he has not left for the past half month. Hearing this, Ban Xia was stunned for a while.

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