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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 22 Recap

Faced with Wu Jianshe’s blatant bribery, Gao Yuejin only felt that it was outrageous. Naturally, she didn’t take the money, and even reminded Wu Jianshe that the bidding of Provincial No. 2 Steel was fair and just, and it was best not to play tricks. As soon as Wu Jianshe left, Gao Yuejin called Banxia to remind her not to play tricks. In addition, Wu Jianshe is bound to win the steel mill, and I hope she can be prepared.

They raised money from east to west, but it was still not enough. At this time, Qiu Bi was taking the lead to have Manager Hong, the chief representative of Weida Steel Trading Company in China, meet with Wu Jianshe. Wu Jianshe knew that Zhao Lei had submitted his resume to Weida Steel Trading Company.

Zhou Qian went to the hospital on time to deliver porridge to the universe. The universe hugged her and said that he had left a sum of money for her, and she could take the money back to her hometown to open a clothing store. Zhou Qian is both distressed and angry. What is distressing is that the universe is like this, and she still does not forget to help her arrange her future life.

What is angry is that the universe treats herself as the kind of snobbish person who takes care of him for money. Universe is also very sad. He actually knows that Zhou Qian takes care of himself not for money, but for Zhou Qian’s good. Zhou Qian wiped the tears from her face, hugged Universe and said that it was her first time in love, and they were even.

Ban Xia went home to see Xu Youren, the stepmother knew that she was making money now, so she was so enthusiastic. Xu Youren found an opportunity to pull Banxia to the door for a conversation. He disagreed with Banxia’s acquisition of the provincial second steel. When Banxia heard this, she was unhappy and debated with Xu Youren. Xu Youren knew that he couldn’t persuade her, so he gave her the house book and told her not to let Qian’er’s mother see it. Pianzi had a car accident due to overloading and was admitted to the hospital. Tong Xiaoqi rushed into the hospital ward and scolded Pianzi directly.

After this incident, Lizi also learned a lesson, and promised that he would keep the rules and regulations in mind in the future and act in strict accordance with the requirements. Gao Xinyi brought his child into the ward, but he was still soft-hearted after all, and took the bill from Tong Xiao’s rider to deal with medical expenses and compensation. Gao Yuejin knew that her daughter still couldn’t let go of Tong Xiaoqi. As an elder, she came here uninvited and had a talk with Tong Xiaoqi, hoping that Tong Xiaoqi could keep up with Gao Xinyi, otherwise the gap between the two would become wider and wider. big. Because of Gao Yuejin’s words, Tong Xiaoqi remembered something from 1991 that night.

Zhao Lei went to see Manager Hong, but unexpectedly saw Wu Jianshe in the private room. With the help of Wu Jianshe, Manager Hong’s company is willing to hire Zhao Lei as the general agent in Jiangdong Province, with an annual salary of one million. If Zhao Lei is willing later, he can also go to work in the US headquarters. The level is the same as in China.

Zhao Lei knew that this word was not easy to sign, so he asked a few words. Wu Jianshe said that Zhao Lei needed to help him win the Provincial No. 2 Steel Group in the bidding meeting. Tong Xiaoqi went to night school with Gao Xinyi for the first time, and the song “I Like You” he sang attracted Gao Xinyi’s attention, and the conflict between them gradually resolved.

The next day, Zhao Lei went to see Wu Jianshe, found out the details of Wu Jianshe, and had a plan in mind. When she got home, Ban Xia had already prepared the meals, and she asked Zhao Lei to go to the bidding meeting tomorrow to raise the placards for herself. Even if the chasing price exceeded their hole cards, she told Zhao Lei to continue chasing, there is no doubt about it.

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