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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 20 Recap

As soon as Tong Xiaoqi’s words came out, Gao Xinyi’s heart was directly chilled, she directly proposed to break up, Tong Xiaoqi was also angry, and directly agreed. Ban Xia followed Lao Jia, the deputy chief engineer of the steel plant, to the steel plant to look at the equipment. Although these equipment looked very old, they were still usable, and they were the first batch of equipment imported from the Soviet Union.

Lao Jia has a lot of affection for these equipment, and told Lao Feng and others, asking them to take out the past equipment drawings and other materials, and send them all to Pinellia. He said with emotion that although the times have changed, these equipment have not been Eliminated, they are lucky to meet Pinellia, and they may be able to glow with new brilliance.

Ban Xia had an idea, but before he could think it through, he called the universe. Universe also told her his own thoughts. He knew that everyone knew that he was seriously ill, but they didn’t say anything. As for the fact that Zhou Qian is a marriage entruster, the universe knows that Ban Xia also knows, but it is not a big problem for him, who made him like Zhou Qian.

I don’t have much time left, and the universe wants to make myself happier. Ban Xia helped Zhao Lei pack his luggage. She still wanted to stay here and persuade the engineers and workers of the steel mills to go back to Binhai with her. She didn’t know how long it would be delayed, so she asked Zhao Lei to go back and preside over the overall situation.

She didn’t go back, Wang Dasheng soon found out, and asked her out to hunt. Ban Xia suggested that he give the workers more compensation, and maybe they would stop making trouble. Wang Dasheng was very angry, so he threw Pinellia here to reflect on it. The signal here is not good, Banxia called Zhao Lei, but Zhao Lei couldn’t hear what she said, only knew that Wang Dasheng took her out hunting.

This Wang Dasheng also had a bit of conscience, he came back to pick her up soon, and Banxia sat in the car without saying a word. When Gao Xinyi went to work, Tong Xiaoqi happened to be in the office too. Seeing that the atmosphere between the two was a bit subtle, Chen Yuyu signaled Tong Xiaoqi to talk to Gao Xinyi, but Tong Xiaoqi ignored it.

Later, Universe and Tong Xiao rode to eat, and learned the whole story from Xiaotong’s mouth, and Universe was on Gao Xinyi’s side. Tong Xiaoqi also figured it out, and asked the brothers to follow the rules and regulations. Ban Xia visited Lao Jia, gathered the big guys together, and advised them not to make trouble anymore because there will be no results if this matter continues.

In addition, she plans to set up a steel factory in Binhai, and urgently needs technical talents like them. If they are willing to follow her to work in Binhai, everything such as housing and salary can be discussed. Although it is difficult to leave the homeland, after all, people live and trees die. Lao Jia, on behalf of his family, decided to go back to Binhai with Pinellia.

Ban Xia told Tong Xiaoqi and the others about this, and asked them to solve the accommodation problem for these workers, and they started to get busy, even Chen Yuyu, who was sick, was not idle. On the day of the move, the workers and their families were busy, and Boss Wang knew they were leaving, so he sent his lawyer to read letters to these folks. Although the words in the letter are simple, it can be seen that Wang Dasheng is a hearty person. This trip to leave is called starting a new life at a good level, or leaving home at a bad level. The span from the north to the south is very large. The sadness is also great, and many people can’t help but wipe their tears.

Ban Xia soon returned to Binhai. The first thing she did when she took the materials was to find Chen Yuyu, but she didn’t expect that Chen Yuyu who opened the door looked haggard, and his black hair was sparse.

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