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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 15 Recap

Ma Wu was arrested, he killed Steward Dong, and the final explanation was that Linda killed Steward Dong and burned down the ballroom together. It was announced to the outside world that he died during the arrest of the Communist Party, and then Ma Wu was pushed into the water. Drowned alive. Zhao Yunfei saw the news in the newspaper that Shen Jie had become a nun and temporarily lived in the church. Zhao Yunfei was greatly touched by Mr. Wen Yiduo’s words, and Mr. Wen Yiduo was also an old friend of Chen Yuting’s father, and Chen Yuting was rarely sad.

Linda wants to return to Yan’an as soon as possible, and there are still many things to report. Cao Shun became the new captain of the action team. Zhao Yunfei was very angry when he found out that his family had been passive. He ran to Zhuang Meijiao to ask for an explanation. Intend. Zhao Yunfei went to Gao Dafu’s mansion for dinner and felt sorry for what happened last time when he saw Aunt Wu. Gao Dafu dared to say anything with his mouth, and his aunt specifically told Zhao Yunfei not to talk about politics at night. Gao Dafu felt that Zhao Yunfei was a bit inferior in the Security Bureau, and wanted him to go to the army, but they didn’t want their own people to beat their own people, so Zhao Yunfei wanted to think about it.

Chen Yuting always thought of her adoptive father, Chen Huai’en, and it was because of Chen Huai’en that she joined the military command. Ma Wu died, and my brother-in-law was thinking about the pension he left behind. Cao Shun was naturally dissatisfied when he became the captain of the action team, but when he saw Cao Shun, he had a different face.

Zhuang Meijiao thinks that Chen Yuting’s dating has delayed her mission, and she has long been dissatisfied with her. Cao Shun kept having nightmares about the scene of Ma Wu’s death, in which someone threw all his things out. Zhuang Meijiao specially came to congratulate Cao Shun on his promotion and asked her to help him find Linda’s whereabouts together.

Linda was organized to go to the church, and the person who came to pick her up was Shen Jie. Linda was surprised to see her. In order to avoid Cao Shun, Shen Jie asked them to leave first. Cao Shun chased after him to question Shen Jie, and ran away angrily after being cursed by Shen Jie. Linda and Shen Jie have been hiding in the church for the time being, where Shen Jie was reborn.

It turned out that the church rescued a group of me as orphans, and opened a special school for them to read and write. Shen Jie was determined to find all the children. The cemetery that I passed just now was the children who hadn’t been saved in time. Shen Jie found the only surviving child among those who were killed. She vowed to save every child with her life.

District Chief Ye is leaving Chongqing to take up his post in Shanghai. He wants to take Chen Yuting away, but Chen Yuting wants to stay and investigate what he wants to know. Someone in the review team was about to leave and be transferred to Nanjing, so Chen Yuting let her go back to live a good life. The military reunification has become a secrecy bureau, and everyone who should go has gone, Chen Yuting is a little emotional.

Chen Yuting took Zhao Yunfei to the church, which was the place where Chen Huai’en’s former ancestor brought her, and Shen Jie accidentally met them. Chen Yuting said that she would turn a blind eye. Linda was very worried and decided to evacuate as soon as possible. Shen Jie sent Linda away from here, and she will return to Yan’an soon, and they agreed to meet again on the day of national liberation.

Cao Shun lost him, and the bureau thought that Wang Zhenchuan might be the Seventh Uncle. When Mrs. Wu went shopping again, people from the action team came to find fault again.

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