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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 14 Recap

Wang Zhenchuan was taken away, saying that District Chief Ye wanted to see him. Wang Zhenchuan went to see District Chief Ye with injuries all over his body. It turned out that the boss behind Wang Zhenchuan’s business was District Chief Ye, and he only said these things for a way out. District Chief Ye asked Cao Shun to let Wang Zhenchuan go, but Ma Wu refused to give up and said through gritted teeth that he would keep staring at him.

When leaving, Linda suddenly told Wang Zhenchuan in a low voice that Steward Dong was a secret agent of the Bureau of Secrecy, and that she was going back to her mother’s house in the next two days, and hoped that they would each do their respective duties well. Wang Zhenchuan didn’t answer, and evaded and pretended to be stupid.

Adjutant Zhou went to find Ma Wu’s important person, and Ma Wu could only let Aunt Wu go unwillingly, but Steward Dong probably couldn’t leave. Cao Shun released Mrs. Wu, and Wang Zhenchuan returned to the store. Xie Xiaoya and Zhuzi were very distressed when they saw him covered in injuries. The action team had been watching the store for the past two days.

Fortunately, Xie Xiaoya has rich experience. From then on, they will be under long-term surveillance. Ma Wu needs Zhao Yunfei and Chen Yuting to record a statement and sign before he can leave. As for the trial of the director butler, he has no idea yet.

The old lady of the Gao family couldn’t do without Mrs. Wu at all, and was very happy to see him back. Gao Dafu was very worried when he heard that Steward Dong might be a member of the Communist Party. Aunt Wu went to the store to buy something again, Wang Zhenchuan said that she was fine even though she was injured all over her body. When Xie Xiaoya sent another telegram, the action team came to search again. Wang Zhenchuan and Xie Xiaoya hurriedly hid the radio station to disguise themselves.

Zhao Yunfei and Chen Yuting were listening to Steward Dong, and Zhao Yunfei seemed to hear Steward Dong singing a song. Zhuang Meijiao didn’t let go of her suspicions about Zhao Yunfei, she took someone to search Zhao Yunfei’s room privately, and found out from the photos he took that Shen Jie and Linda had met and were even related.

Ma Wu thinks Steward Dong is the Communist Party, but he has no doubts about Linda. Steward Dong still didn’t say anything after being tortured. Ma Wu wanted to be tortured, but Steward Dong clamored to see District Chief Ye, saying that he had delayed his important affairs and that he was one of his own. Zhuang Meijiao wants to hunt down Linda in the whole city, but she is speechless to Ma Wu, a fool, and Linda is already on the way to leave. Steward Dong suddenly bit Ma Wu like a madman, and Ma Wu was full of hatred.

Steward Dong ran out of the interrogation room, and when he was about to leave, Ma Wu strangled his neck from behind, and was finally strangled to death. When Zhao Yunfei heard that there was no sound inside, he hurried over with Chen Yuting, but all he saw was Dong Butler’s body, and Ma Wu defined him as the Seventh Uncle and was about to report it. Zhuang Meijiao led people to search for Linda throughout the city, and Linda could only hide in the city cautiously.

District Chief Ye was very angry when he saw Dong Butler’s body. It turned out that Dong Butler’s real identity was a special spy of the party and the state, a major general. Ma Wu said that he committed suicide in fear of crime. District Chief Ye naturally didn’t believe it, and asked Ma Wu to be arrested in a rage. District Chief Ye is also in a dilemma as to how to deal with this matter. Ma Wu didn’t expect Steward Dong’s true identity to be like this, so he ran away alone. District Chief Ye asked Cao Shun to catch Ma Wu, and once he caught the position of the action team leader, he would take it.

Chen Yuting had already guessed that Butler Dong had another identity. Zhao Yunfei was very curious about the reason, but she didn’t expect that Linda was also a Communist Party member. All of this is very dangerous, and Chen Yuting is worried that something will happen to Zhao Yunfei. Linda found Zhao Yunfei suddenly and wanted to ask him to do her a favor. After Linda left, the ballroom caught fire, which was her informing other comrades that it had been exposed.

Cao Shun chased all the way to the outside of the city. Ma Wu resisted tenaciously, but was still captured alive by Cao Shun. Zhao Yunfei took Linda out of the city. Boss Hu knew her identity but was still willing to help. Linda was very grateful and they would meet again in the near future. Linda also told Zhao Yunfei that Seventh Uncle is everywhere, and they are all Seventh Uncles. Boss Hu loves Linda, but he hasn’t even touched her with a finger for so many years.

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