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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 13 Recap

Ma Wu wanted to find a breakthrough from Mrs. Wu, but Mrs. Wu looked like an illiterate woman. Afterwards, Ma Wu met Linda again, and specially bought delicious food and drinks for him to offer, but Linda opened his mouth and kept his mouth shut as Boss Hu, and he didn’t like him at all. Ma Wu deliberately threw a note to Mrs. Wu, saying that she would be rescued at twelve o’clock tonight, but Mrs. Wu couldn’t read a few big characters. Ma Wu was very disappointed.

Steward Dong was also called for interrogation, and Ma Wu asked Chen Yuting and Zhao Yunfei to listen. Steward Dong demanded to send him back immediately, Gao Mansion couldn’t do without him every minute, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense with Ma Wu. Ma Wu was so angry that he interrogated Wang Zhenchuan himself. Ma Wu suddenly remembered that he had seen Wang Zhenchuan at the pier one day, and his doubts about him skyrocketed. Wang Zhenchuan’s answer to the interrogation was impeccable, which aggravated Ma Wu’s suspicion of Wang Zhenchuan, and directly tortured Wang Zhenchuan.

Chen Yuting said that Zhao Yunfei had to find someone, otherwise he would have to spend time here, and Chen Yuting also stayed with Zhao Yunfei all the time, after all, they were grasshoppers on the same rope now. Zhao Yunfei is not suitable for politics. Chen Yuting asked Zhao Yunfei if he thought about leaving here to live the life he wanted. Zhao Yunfei asked Chen Yuting if he would like to go with him. In fact, he knew that Chen Yuting had unresolved concerns, so he agreed will help him.

Wang Zhenchuan let out screams while being tortured. Zhao Yunfei couldn’t bear it and tried to stop him, but he was blocked and couldn’t get out. Wang Zhenchuan suddenly said something about the backstage boss and the shipment, Ma Wu gave him paper and pen and asked him to write it down. Chen Yan went to Gao Dafu’s house and found it strange that Mrs. Wu and Steward Dong were not there. Gao Dafu said that Mrs. Wu and Mr. Steward Dong had been captured by the action team.

Linda was taken away suddenly to be tortured, and she passed out from the beating until Ma Wu asked someone to bring Steward Dong. Butler Dong’s fight back aroused Ma Wu’s suspicion even more, thinking that he was Uncle Qi. Zhao Yunfei couldn’t sit still when he heard the voice, and was stopped by Chen Yuting again. Ma Wu was trying to die, and Zhao Yunfei had to listen to himself if he wanted to pass this level.

Steward Dong and Linda were tortured. Ma Wu believed that Linda was definitely not an ordinary person, and her behavior was a little out of the ordinary. Steward Dong suddenly admitted that he was a Communist, and asked Linda to admit that she was a Communist, but Linda refused to admit her identity, and was not fooled. However, Ma Wu tortured Linda to scratch her face. Linda admitted in fear, and told Ma Wudong that the butler was Uncle Qi.

Chen Yuting and Zhao Yunfei were still in Ma Wu’s office. Chen Yuting approved a piece of clothing for Zhao Yunfei who was asleep. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yunfei woke up suddenly and felt a little embarrassed. Wang Zhenchuan was taken away suddenly, saying that District Chief Ye wanted to see him.

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