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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 12 Recap

Wang Zhenchuan and Zhuzi finally found the radio station. At this time, Steward Dong suddenly came to Wang Zhenchuan. Xie Xiaoya hurriedly raised his voice to remind him outside. Wang Zhenchuan and him were not found. Xie Xiaoya is very capable, and she can send and translate the telegram by herself. Ma Wu got Cheng Shiru’s order to hunt down the Communist Party even more wantonly. He set his target on the department store that Xiao Qi frequented before his death. All the people who frequented the store were their targets. Sister-in-law and Linda, even Zhao Yunfei will not let go.

Shen Jie was arrested before, Cao Shun went to investigate the information on Shen Jie’s escort, and accidentally learned that Zhao Yunfei had been to the interrogation room. Cao Shun went to find Zhao Yunfei, but Zhao Yunfei satirized that he would suffer retribution sooner or later. Cao Shun seemed a little guilty and could only leave angrily. Cao Shun couldn’t find anyone, so he turned around and slapped Ma Wuyi, and his backer was gone. Ma Wu took the action team to the department store, but Chen Yuting seemed to be worried, but in the end she only told Zhao Yunfei to get off work early.

Ma Wu asked Linda to be arrested secretly. Butler Dong said that he was looking for a comrade of his own and hoped that Linda would help him, but Linda was very vigilant and said nothing. Wang Zhenchuan had a premonition that the action team would soon arrest him for interrogation. He told Zhuzi and Xie Xiaoya to stay at home and wait for instructions from their superiors. In any case, they would never betray the organization.

Sure enough, Cao Shun came to the shop and took Wang Zhenchuan away. Linda was being followed until she got home and received a message that she planned to evacuate but was taken away by the action team. Wu Saoye was also brutally taken away by the action team. Zhao Yunfei had already been interrogated in the action team.

Zhao Yunfei is deeply envious of Xiao Qi and Zhen Zhen, and his inner thoughts have undergone earth-shaking changes. Aunt Wu and Linda were locked in the same cell, while Wang Zhenchuan and Steward Dong were locked in another room. Ma Wu, Cheng Shiru and others had been monitoring their conversations. Cheng Shiru asked Chen Yuting to call Zhao Yunfei to cooperate with the investigation to clear up the suspects. He asked Zhao Yunfei to chat with the arrested people separately. Zhao Yunfei was very angry when he learned that they had arrested many people.

Zhao Yunfei had no choice but to follow Cheng Shiru’s instructions. Wang Zhenchuan was the first to be interrogated. Wang Zhenchuan recognized Zhao Yunfei’s visit to his store at a glance, and he didn’t show any flaws from the beginning to the end. Linda has been begging Zhao Yunfei to rescue her since then, and her whole pretending to be crazy did not arouse any suspicion.

Adjutant Zhou came to look for Ma Wu’s important person early in the morning, and the Gao family had to release him quickly. Linda kept yelling for Boss Hu to save her, but Chen Yuting came in to prevent Zhao Yunfei from continuing to ask, saying that it was Cheng Shiru’s intention, and not letting him continue to ask.

Gao Dafu felt that Steward Dong’s identity was indeed a bit suspicious, so he simply ignored him, but Mrs. Wu was an illiterate woman, how could she be a Communist Party. Ma Wu locked Wang Zhenchuan, Mrs. Wu, Steward Dong, and Linda in the same room, and wanted to see what was unusual about them. After that, Ma Wu personally interrogated Mrs. Wu, trying to find a breakthrough from her.

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