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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 35 Recap

The content of the video is that Gao Jianhong entered a room first, followed by Zhu Yun. When he came out, Zhu Yun changed into a suit of clothes, and Gao Jianhong also buttoned the door on purpose, so he deliberately used Xu Lina’s shaking hands. The sound number was sent out, accusing Gao Jianhong of cheating on Zhu Yun, the female director of my heart, and making pornographic news, making people suspect that Zhu Yun stole the source code for Gao Jianhong.

Knowing that Gao Jianhong did it on purpose, Li Xun was angry but helpless. He didn’t want to hurt Zhu Yun, so he could only withdraw the lawsuit. Problems also occurred in Gao Jianhong’s team, and his subordinates left one after another, despising Gao Jianhong’s unethical behavior. When Gao Jianhong bullied small businesses before, they could comfort the weak in society, but later learned that This is despicable behavior.

Zhu Yun also came to find Gao Jianhong in person. Gao Jianhong could prove that the video had not undergone secondary processing and could stand the appraisal. Zhu Yun remembered that time when Xu Lina called her and left, Xu Lina spilled a cup of coffee on Zhu Yun. Zhu Yun’s clothes were dirty, and she changed into her clothes at Xu Lina’s request, while Gao Jianhong hid in the room at that time, and then went out, creating a scandal.

Zhu Yun asked Gao Jianhong for the source documents and wanted to take a closer look, but actually sent them through Weibo, deliberately following Gao Jianhong’s wishes, walking his way, and leaving Gao Jianhong with nowhere to go, looking at Zhu Yun With such a decisive decision, Gao Jianhong’s eyes overflowed with tears, and the number of Weibo posts rose rapidly. The outside world was spreading rumors that were bad for Zhu Yun. Fang Shumiao also notified the hangover Li Xun.

Without further ado, Li Xun rushed to see Zhu Yun. Seeing Zhu Yun standing in front of him, Li Xun kissed Zhu Yun distressedly, and asked why Zhu Yun did this. Zhu Yun knew that Li Xun didn’t like being blackmailed the most, and she couldn’t allow it. He became a target for others to threaten Li Xun, the two kissed passionately, and had sex that day.

When she woke up the next day, Zhu Yun looked at Li Xun who was lying beside her, with a happy smile on her face, and couldn’t help kissing Li Xun. Although she was very happy, Zhu Yun was also uneasy. Is it the performance after drunkenness, or the two really reconciled, or are they still a little disconnected, she is vacillating in her heart, but she keeps comforting herself, as if nothing happened. But when he came out of the room, Li Xun said that he would not confess his love to anyone.

He used to let someone come to his door if he liked someone, but now he hopes to ask Zhu Yun if he wants to be with him in the future. Zhu Yun said several times in a row that she wanted to be together, and offered to reconcile, but Li Xun teased Zhu Yun for not being reserved. Li Xun knew that Zhu Yun had always liked him before, and the relationship between the two had not changed. It was just that Zhu Yun was afraid that the two of them would not be able to continue as colleagues if they spoke, but in fact, as long as Zhu Yun spoke, Li Xun would definitely agree.

Gao Jianhong proposed to reconcile with Zhu Yun and Li Xun, but she was still unconvinced. If the review period passed, she would not reconcile anyway. Li Xun was not in a hurry, and asked Gao Jianhong if he regretted it. Gao Jianhong said loudly Said no, and under the agitation, the nose was bleeding and the body was weak and collapsed on the chair, and was rushed to the hospital.

Because Gao Jianhong was hospitalized, Li Xun was in a bad mood and drank a lot of wine. Zhu Yun came to Li Xun and tried to persuade Li Xun to give up the complaint, but Li Xun asked Zhu Yun if Gao Jianhong died, would he also blame him for forcing Gao Jianhong to death? . Zhu Yun thought that it was important to bring down Gao Jianhong before, but now she felt that Li Xun’s future and development were more important. She used to hate Fang Zhijing, but now she can feel relieved.

At this time, Gao Jianhong woke up in the hospital. Xu Lina brought porridge and refunded the ticket to go abroad. He planned to stay and accompany Gao Jianhong for surgery. Looking at the ring on his hand, Gao Jianhong never divorced Xu Lina in his heart, and Xu Lina didn’t sign the divorce agreement.

Xu Lina learned from the doctor that Gao Jianhong’s physical condition is very bad, because the operation was delayed, and the risk of the operation will also increase this time, and if one is not careful, he may not be able to get off the operating table.

Li Xun and Gao Jianhong were thinking the same thing in two different places, why they became what they are now, and why they are not what they used to be.

Gao Jianhong insisted on seeing Li Xun before the operation, otherwise he would not have the operation, Zhu Yun came to the hospital to visit Gao Jianhong, and persuaded Gao Jianhong to have the operation first, and then said later, Gao Jianhong was sad that even if he died, Li Xun would not come to see him.

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