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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 19 Recap

Ban Xia knew that there were people staring at her in the hotel all the time, and she told those people that she wanted to see their boss, but none of them could hear them. Back in the hotel room, Ban Xia found that the room was in a mess, the clothes had been turned out, and the four red words “mind your own business” were written on the mirror.

While tidying up, the doorbell rang. Ban Xia looked through the cat’s eyes and found that it was Zhao Lei. Unexpectedly, Zhao Lei came directly to Shenyang to look for her. Ban Xia immediately opened the door, hugging Zhao Lei excitedly. The two already had a good impression of each other, and it was a matter of course, and they became closer naturally. When he woke up the next day, Ban Xia said that he would be responsible for him, making Zhao Lei dumbfounded.

Lawyer Liu told them that the lawsuit was basically impossible to sue, because the procedures they followed were all legal and compliant. He suggested Ban Xia and Zhao Lei to go back after buying the equipment. Ban Xia told them a story, intending to explain that she wanted to solve some problems for these workers, even if she wanted to speak out.

When they were about to pay the bill after eating the hot pot, several people at the other table paid the bill for them. Later, several people on the other side said that their boss wanted to see Zhao Lei, and then Zhao Lei would come alone. Pinellia was unknown, so Zhao Lei didn’t say much. That night, after Banxia fell asleep, Zhao Lei put on his clothes, got in a car at the entrance of the hotel and left.

Gao Xinyi couldn’t change Tong Xiaoqi, nor could he change the current situation of the team, so he couldn’t help feeling depressed, and ran to Gao Yuejin’s office to clean himself. Gao Yuejin told her about himself and her father. He thought he would relieve Gao Xinyi, but he didn’t expect it to be the opposite. Instead, Gao Xinyi thought that if Tong Xiaoqi loved her, he should be the one to adapt to him.

In the middle of the night, Zhao Lei met with Boss Wang Dasheng Wang. They met on a frozen lake. Wang Dasheng sent someone to dig a hole for fishing. Zhao Lei jumped into the puddle in the middle of the night in order to let him sit down and talk to Ban Xia. Wang Dasheng hurriedly asked Zhao Lei to be fished up.

Zhao Lei returned to the hotel shaking his body. Ban Xia woke up and didn’t find him by her side, and didn’t take Zhao Lei’s phone out. She was very worried. At this time, Zhao Lei came back, and Ban Xia opened the door and hugged Zhao Lei who was shivering with cold. Zhao Lei was so cold that he couldn’t speak easily, but he still told Ban Xia that Boss Wang promised to meet and chat tomorrow.

Gao Xinyi followed Gao Yue to visit several companies and came back, and found that they were all regular, organized, and systematic management systems. She also followed the example and hung up the systems and regulations in the team dormitory, and sent everyone out of the car. Time and duration are standardized and entered into electronic equipment for management.

Ban Xia finally met with Wang Dasheng, and he said that he could sell the scrap copper and rotten iron in the steel mill to Ban Xia at a low price, but don’t worry about things she shouldn’t worry about. Ban Xia was not frightened, but instead reminded Boss Wang to consider the situation of those workers and their families. Wang Dasheng finally compromised and agreed to supply water and electricity to the family members. Ensure that the conflicts between them are completely resolved. Regarding the rules set by Gao Xinyi, the brothers all felt that they were back in prison, and they were not free to do anything, so they contacted Tong Xiaoqi to solve this problem.

Tong Xiaoqi and Gao Xinyi disagreed, and they broke up. Gao Xinyi told him not to do the team. Unexpectedly, Tong Xiaoqi was not to be outdone, and ironically said that it had nothing to do with her.

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