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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 18 Recap

For Qiu Bizheng’s apology, Ban Xia did not accept it, and she did not expect Qiu Bizheng to be so ruthless that Guo Qidong could help him. Wu Jianshe stood up to speak, and the four of them re-divided the proportion, each of the four was 25%, but Feng Yu could only get 10%, so the remaining 15% was up to them. Three people to share. Ban Xia bluntly said that she actually wanted 15% of it, but it is not impossible for the three people to share it equally, but the future chairman and legal person of this company must be her. She is determined to control the steel mill. Even if she has no experience in managing a company, Ban Xia still insists on her own opinion.

Ban Xia called Feng Yu to the office for tea, and unexpectedly learned that he and Xie Jinbao had divorced. The friendship between the two has always been very good, and Banxia suggested that he follow him, but Feng Yu didn’t want to make trouble anymore. Before leaving, he said that the reason why Binhai’s businessmen can flourish all over the world is because of their unity.

Of course, he didn’t mean to persuade Pinellia by saying this, but just hoped that she would think about it again. Tong Xiaoqi sent Banxia to take the plane. Banxia went to the Northeast this time, and she must solve the equipment problem. She must also win the steel factory. After all, the universe is running out of time. She wants the universe to see the steel factory. The day it was established.

When Banxia arrived in Shenyang, he went to look for the building of the iron and steel factory. He was surrounded by several people. Later, some young people came and wrestled with these people. Seeing that the situation was out of control, Banxia had to call the police. Everyone was taken away, and Ban Xia went to the family building 201, No. 56, to speak for one of the young people. 201 The room was full of people, when the word of Banxia came, the aunt pulled her in. Through their dialogue, Ban Xia learned that these are workers from the steel factory. Since the country wants to reform and split up and reorganize the old steel factory, these workers have to be laid off.

Seeing their pity, Ban Xia decided to contact a lawyer to help them file a lawsuit. When Zhao Lei learned that she was involved in this kind of thing, he felt that she was outrageous. Ban Xia refused to listen to the persuasion and hung up the phone directly. Zhao Lei calmed down and helped Ban Xia contact the lawyer over there. Su Guoliang’s Internet equipment has been set up, and the universe asked him to search the Maldives. Seeing those pictures, the universe was very happy, thinking that it would be great if he could take Zhou Qian there. Zhou Qian had been with Chen Yuyu during this period of time, and the two went shopping and went to a bridal shop. Universe and her went in to take wedding photos. He knew that he would not live long, so he wanted to leave something behind.

Lawyer Liu, whom Zhao Lei knew, helped Ban Xia a lot. He and Ban Xia also took all the young people locked up in the police station back home. Lawyer Liu is happy to help these workers sue in court, but the demands of the workers are not limited to this. They want to save the steel factory through lawsuits, but this case has almost no chance of winning, because the steel factory buys and sells land and builds buildings according to the policy approval , all its procedures are legal and compliant, and now there is only one last procedure left, which is demolition, and what has been done cannot be overturned. As a friend of Zhao Lei, Lawyer Liu advised Ban Xia not to deal with this matter, but Ban Xia was very stubborn and insisted on taking care of it to the end.

Later, Zhao Lei talked again, and he did not hesitate to threaten him, but Ban Xia still refused to listen. The wedding photos taken by Universe and Zhou Qian that day arrived, and it was the first time he truly felt that he was in love. The brothers in the convoy didn’t obey the traffic rules when they were pulling goods, and they were fined a lot. Gao Xinyi thought it was impossible to go on like this, and Tong Xiaoqi was spoiled by his brothers. Gao Xinyi ran to their dormitory and gave them the fines. Let’s talk about it later Whoever pays the fine will pay it himself, if not, it will be directly deducted from the salary. Tong Xiaoqi felt that she had refuted his face, so he directly carried Gao Xinyi out.

The conversation last time was very unpleasant. After Ban Xia, he never answered Zhao Lei’s call. Zhao Lei asked Gao Xinyi who was next to him to call her. After he got through, Zhao Lei brought it over. Before he finished speaking, Ban Xia was over there. Just hung up the phone.

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