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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 17 Recap

Chen Yuyu introduced Zhou Qian to everyone, Ban Xia and Zhou Qian tacitly pretended not to know each other. Universe bought a string of pearl necklaces for Zhou Qian, and put them on Zhou Qian himself. Gao Xinyi and Tong Xiaoqi urged them to kiss, but before they kissed, Chen Universe coughed again, and this time he still coughed up blood. Akane is worried.

At the request of Pinellia, Chen Yuyu did not go to work the next day, and Zhou Qian accompanied him to the hospital for an examination. Now that the company has been seized, Gao Xinyi and Banxia propose to separate the team, so that the team can make money and provide more protection for the company. Banxia agrees, but it is difficult to persuade Tong Xiaoqi and Chen Yuyu.

Feng Yu took Jin Bao to a place near the mountains and rivers, planning to build a new house here, but Jin Bao strongly opposed it. She finally came out of the village, not to live the life of going back to the village with Feng Yu. Ban Xia has met with many officials, but she has been unable to meet the person in charge of the customs. Zhao Lei said that all the documents have been submitted, and they can only wait now. Banxia understands that Wu Jianshe is the one who most wants to take down Provincial No. 2 Steel, and Qiu Bizheng is just following suit and trying to make a fortune. She should teach them a lesson and see who can stand the investigation, although The result of doing this is that both sides suffer, but after all, they are the first to do it.

Soon, Qiu Bizheng was investigated by the tax bureau, and the staff asked him to show the real account book. If he couldn’t, he had to go to the public security bureau. Tong Xiaoqi’s team was already in the process of withdrawing shares, but Tong Xiaoqi himself didn’t know it, the universe thought it was his idea, and immediately got into trouble while drinking, and poured the wine in his hand all over Tong Xiaoqi’s face. Gao Xinyi hurriedly explained that this was his own idea, but Tong Xiaoqi didn’t know it at all. Tong Xiaoqi took out his mobile phone and wanted to call Banxia, ​​but Chen Yuyu stopped him. Universe knows that he was reckless just now, but he still hopes that if he is gone in the future, Tong Xiaoqi must also be by Banxia’s side.

Vice President Gao also accepted the inquiry from the customs. She said that the steel produced by Banxia Company is not munitions, but scrap steel. Just when Ban Xia came to visit, she suggested that Ban Xia order this batch of goods to a state-owned enterprise, so that the arms smuggling case would not be established, but Ban Xia said that she had already ordered this batch of goods. The auction of Provincial No. 2 Steel is coming soon. Vice President Gao hopes that Banxia can cooperate with others. Banxia said that if the cooperation is based on unequal conditions, then she would rather choose competition. Banxia released Qiu Bizheng from the detention center on bail, and asked him whether he wanted to stand with Wu Jianshe or himself.

Qiu Bizheng thought her attitude was arrogant, and there was no distinction between seniority and inferiority, so he pointed at her nose and cursed, which also showed his attitude, and refused to cooperate with Banxia. Ban Xia didn’t say anything, got into the car and drove away. The team went out independently and became Bawanghua Transportation Company. The brothers collected some money and bought a painting for Tong Xiaoqi to hang up. Tong Xiaoqi waved his big hand and said that each of them would have shares in this company in the future. The police received a real-name report that a large number of fake and inferior products flowed into the market from Qiu Bizheng’s factory. Qiu Bi couldn’t escape this calamity, so he decided to ask Guo Qidong to cover it for him.

Even if Guo Qidong is still on parole, Qiu Bizheng is the legal person of the factory after all, and he promised to get Guo Qidong out within three months, and Guo Qidong can only agree. The factory was in a mess under Xie Jinbao’s management, Feng Yu was completely annoyed, and got into a fight with Xie Jinbao, and the two wanted to divorce. Ban Xia was going on a business trip to Shenyang, and Zhao Lei found information for her in every detail, and even made a strategy. Under Qiu Bizheng’s begging, Wu Jianshe called Feng Yu to find Banxia together, and asked Qiu Bizheng and Banxia to admit their mistakes and untie the knot. Qiu Bizheng knew that he couldn’t fight Pinellia, so he could only admit defeat.

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