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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 11 Recap

Zhenzhen rushed all the way to the place where she was picked up, the boatman gradually landed, and Cao Shun and others also stared at her. Zhenzhen made some noises in the reeds, causing birds to fly by. Cao Shun caught the boatman and tried to escape. At the critical moment, the boatman tried his best to tell Zhenzhen the news. Zhenzhen ran desperately with her big belly, and blood flowed from her body as she ran, and finally rolled down the hillside with bruises all over her body.

When Ma Wu arrived, he saw that Zhenzhen couldn’t live anymore, so he asked Cao Shun to kill Zhenzhen himself. Zhenzhen bid farewell to her lover Xiao Qi with scars all over her body. Zhao Yunfei hurried to the place where Xiao Qi had an accident, thinking of their relationship for so many years, he was also very sad. Wang Zhenchuan and Zhuzi silently touched Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen. The blood debt they owed will definitely be remembered by the Communists.

Chief Li Kenong was also very sad when he heard the news of the deaths of Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen. Before they went to the White Area to perform their missions, Li Kenong gave them special advice. Zhao Yunfei repaired the tombs for Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen. If Xiao Qi had told him the news earlier, Zhao Yunfei would have sent Zhenzhen and the child out even if he tried his best. Zhao Yunfei admires Xiao Qi, they have courage that ordinary people don’t have.

The Central Plains encirclement and suppression plan was leaked, and a large number of transported weapons were robbed. Chiang Kai-shek ordered a thorough investigation of undercover agents. Zhao Yunfei has been depressed because of the deaths of Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen, and Xiaobailou is also taken by the action team. The Bureau of Secrecy launched a thorough undercover investigation.

Gao Dafu scolded a few more when he heard the news. He had long been dissatisfied with the military command. Zhao Yunfei went to the ballroom alone. Before Shen Jie quietly gave him a note, he thought Linda would admit it, but he didn’t expect that Linda burned the note on the spot and drove him away. There was a gag order in the incident, and you must hold back your words to save your life.

Shen Jie came to St. Marian Cathedral, but the spies behind her were still unable to get rid of. The Virgin Jane asked her to stay in the room to recover, and these spies would not get any news, and Shen Jie never had the courage to pick up the mirror. look at your own face. Nanjing. Cheng Shiru will go to Chongqing as a special commissioner to eradicate the undercover agents of the Communist Party.

The spy went to Wang Zhenchuan’s store to buy things and said that he was tracking down the Communist Party members. Wang Zhenchuan was very disturbed, and the organization would send a new liaison officer soon. Soon the operator arrived. Her name was Xie Xiaoya, and her pseudonym was Xiaolan. Xie Xiaoya stayed at Wang Zhenchuan’s place for the time being, usually taking care of the children. Zhuzi was very disdainful when she saw her so young, but she didn’t expect that she had been engaged in revolution longer than him.

District Chief Ye was about to be transferred, and Cheng Shiru took over the bureau. Ma Wu and Zhuang Meijiao were still arguing before he left. Wang Zhenchuan said to the outside world that Xie Xiaoya came to join his distant relatives and was in charge of doing some odd jobs. Zhao Yunfei went to his shop to buy some French chocolates for Chen Yuting, but Chen Yuting reminded him not to get too involved in the drama, they are not really in a relationship, once they say something, they can only be enemies.

The trucks that Wang Zhenchuan bought were strictly searched by the spies, but the radio station was hidden on top of the trucks. Fortunately, they didn’t find anything suspicious.

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