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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 10 Recap

Xiao Qi told Zhen Zhen that they had to send out the information as soon as possible so that the Party Central Committee would have time to deploy. The monitoring vehicle patrols non-stop for 24 hours, and it is unlikely to send a report at home, and it is impossible to transport the radio station out now that the control is so strict. When Chen Yuting accompanied Zhao Yunfei to the hospital, she happened to meet Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen for a prenatal checkup. The four of them sat down and chatted. Zhao Yunfei said that he happened to bring a camera and took a group photo of Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen. Xiao Qi picked up the camera and took a picture of him and Chen Yuting.

Zhenzhen was worried that Zhao Yunfei’s purpose in sending the report was impure, but Xiao Qi understood him, and he just took photos for fun. Zhao Yunfei looked at the two photos, he and Chen Yuting had gloom on their faces that couldn’t be dispelled, but Xiao Qi and Zhen Zhen had bright hopes on their faces, enough to dispel the darkness. In order to confuse the spies, Shen Jie rummaged through the trash can to eat, and the spies felt a little sad to see her insane.

Zhuzi discovered the whereabouts of the God Realm, and quickly told Wang Zhenchuan the news. Wang Zhenchuan said that he had to trust the organization, and the organization would give her a proper placement. Not long after, Shen Jie received the news that her superiors asked her to go to Marian Church to recuperate. At this moment, Shen Jie cried bitterly.

Wang Zhenchuan called Xiao Qi to deliver the news, telling them to go to the old wharf and leave here immediately after the newspaper was published. Xiao Qi wanted to break his head, but he didn’t think of a way to send the report smoothly. After Zhenzhen fell asleep, Xiao Qi found a car that was scrapped by the headquarters. After Zhenzhen woke up, he told her that he was going to stop the surveillance car and let Zhenzhen Send a report immediately after you leave and leave here. At the moment of leaving home, Xiao Qi silently apologized to Zhenzhen and the unborn child, but in order to send the information, he will die. Xiao Qi drove out of the city gate to buy time for Zhenzhen to send the report.

Chen Yuting heard the news of Xiao Qi’s accident and told Zhao Yunfei, and Zhao Yunfei went to save Xiao Qi without saying a word. In the blink of an eye, Zhao Yunfei also connected all the clues together. Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen turned out to be members of the Communist Party. Zhao Yunfei couldn’t leave the city because he didn’t bring his documents, and Chen Yuting came again to stop Zhao Yunfei, but it was useless for him to leave the city now.

Ma Wu led people to search the radio station outside the city, while Chen Yuting was scolding Zhao Yunfei, Zhao Yunfei was still not reconciled, Xiao Qi was the only one who left the city, so he could still save Zhenzhen. Xiao Qi took out radio stations and traps around him, stroked his wedding ring, and thought of Zhenzhen and his child, with tears in his eyes. Ma Wu monitored the radio signal, and drove the car over without saying a word. In the city, Zhenzhen is using a real radio station to send a report to Yan’an. Zhuang Meijiao realized something was wrong, and hurried back to Xiaobailou from outside the city.

After Xiao Qi was caught, he ignited a bomb and died on the spot. Zhenzhen packs her luggage and prepares to leave immediately after sending the report. Before she leaves, she finds out what Xiao Qi has done, and she is very sad to understand Xiao Qi’s plan. When Zhuang Meijiao led people to Xiaobailou to arrest them, Zhenzhen had already left. Zhao Yunfei and Chen Yuting came to look for Zhenzhen. Zhuang Meijiao angrily told him that Xiao Qi had just blew himself up and died, and that Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen were both Communists. !Zhao Yunfei couldn’t accept the news of Xiao Qi’s death, and his legs went weak for a moment.

Cao Shun led people to investigate by the water, and when he saw a boat approaching the shore, he immediately realized that he was here to pick up people.

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