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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 34 Recap

After Gao Jianhong brought the source code back, he asked the team to change it as soon as possible, but found that as long as the keywords of the source code were modified, the entire game would become unusable. To apply it, there is no need to consider whether Li Xun will sue. In his opinion, Li Xun is a small company and can’t afford it at all.

Fang Zhijing ridiculed that Gao Jianhong was not Li Xun’s opponent at all, and also demanded that all the shares be withdrawn, not to play with Gao Jianhong, and thought that he had pulled resources to get to where he is today, and if he left, no one would want to If he stayed, Gao Jianhong could only suffer a crushing defeat, but Gao Jianhong acted like a madman, willing to pay any price to win Li Xun.

Li Xun typed the code overnight. Zhu Yun woke up in the warehouse and found that Li Xun was still busy. He persuaded Li Xun to pay attention to his body and let Fang Shumiao settle the lawsuit. Xun insisted on doing it by himself, so Zhu Yun had no choice but to accompany him.

Gao Jianhong insisted on his own opinion and started the perfect girlfriend game. Hou Ning entered the opponent’s background and found that the code hadn’t changed at all. But he suddenly fainted on the ground and was rushed to the hospital. Along the way, Li Xun woke up in a daze and held Zhu Yun’s hand tightly. The inspection is not a farewell to life or death, so Li Xun let go of his hand.

Tian Xiuzhu found Zhu Yun in the hospital. Before going abroad, he hoped that he could make it clear to Zhu Yun that he knew where Zhu Yun was under pressure. He also expressed his intention to give up, and hoped that Zhu Yun would not feel guilty. Zhu Yun was moved by Tian Xiuzhu’s dedication and sacrifice.

After checking, Li Xun was just overtired. He just needs to rest well. Zhu Yun supervised Li Xun not to use the computer, and he couldn’t be busy anymore, and asked Dong Siyang for leave. This time Li Xun had to recuperate at home. Although Li Xun said Said that Zhu Yun was too annoying, but actually couldn’t hide his happiness, which also showed that Zhu Yun cared about him.

Gao Jianhong’s listing hearing happened to be the period for Li Xun to initiate the prosecution of the Love Blind Box. The timing was just right, and Lawyer Wang also realized the seriousness of the matter, especially now that Li Xun has actually joined forces with those small companies, but whatever was copied by Gao Jianhong All the small businesses that have been involved in this lawsuit, and Li Xun is the chief complaint. Lawyer Wang reminded Gao Jianhong of the seriousness of the lawsuit, but Gao Jianhong seemed confident of winning. The reason why he dared to do that was because he was ready to deal with Li Xun.

Fang Zhijing came to Xu Lina, and hoped that she could go to Zhu Yun and Li Xun to withdraw the lawsuit, and told Xu Lina about Gao Jianhong’s illness and refusal to undergo surgery. When Xu Lina’s family was in the most difficult time, it was Gao Jianhong who extended a helping hand, regardless of Gao Jianhong’s opinion. How about Hongren, but he is still very good to Xu Lina. Xu Lina couldn’t bear it, so she went to sneak a peek at Gao Jianhong, and found that he was having a splitting headache, so she made up her mind to find Zhu Yun and Li Xun.

Xu Lina went straight to the point and told Zhu Yun and Li Xun about Gao Jianhong’s illness, hoping that they would withdraw the lawsuit. She also knew that Gao Jianhong had always recalled their past, and the group photo of the three of them was still kept, so Li Xun realized that it was Fang Zhijing who asked Xu Lina to come Yes, but Xu Lina didn’t admit it, and lied that she wanted to come, and hoped that Li Xun and Zhu Yun would remember their old relationship so that Gao Jianhong could have the operation with peace of mind, especially since Gao Jianhong’s days were numbered, and she didn’t want to leave any regrets.

Although Xu Lina denied it, Li Xun was still sure that Fang Zhijing sent Xu Lina here. He was also annoyed, thinking that Fang Zhijing thought they were easy to bully, but in the end he decided to ask Fang Shumiao to talk about it.

Fang Shumiao asked Gao Jianhong to meet with Lawyer Wang. Gao Jianhong was a little surprised when he saw Fang Shumiao. He didn’t expect her to be Li Xun’s attorney. Lawyer Wang offered to spend 30 million to support small businesses, but the condition was that To get Li Xun to withdraw the lawsuit, he has not yet admitted his mistake. I also hope that Fang Shumiao can persuade Li Xun to act for the interests of the client, but Fang Shumiao always pushes him back, mocking Lawyer Wang, who graduated from a junior college, but always helps others.

Gao Jianhong asked Lawyer Wang to go out, and he talked to Fang Shumiao alone. Knowing that Fang Shumiao could come, it meant that Li Xun had been shaken, and he showed Fang Shumiao a video, which was why he dared to copy directly. Fang Shumiao sent the video to Li Xun, Li Xun’s face changed drastically, and Zhu Yun also showed disbelief when he saw the video.

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