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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 16 Recap

Wu Jianshe could see that Feng Yu’s mother-in-law was not easy to mess with, so he reminded Feng Yu that after getting married, it was an important matter to decide who would be in charge of the house. Qiu Bizheng also intervened in the conversation, and Ban Xia said it was a family matter. Taking advantage of this gathering together, Qiu Bi was speaking and asked Ban Xia if he would still like to work with them. Ban Xia also spoke up, she thought she was very righteous to them and had never eaten alone, but she really couldn’t accept the ratio they gave her. Wu Jianshe also said a few words, and Qiu Bizheng immediately picked up the conversation, pointing at Banxia’s nose and cursing, Banxia directly stated that the channel for importing scrap steel did not cooperate with them.

After returning home, Zhao Lei did not comment on whether Ban Xia did the right thing today, but he suggested that Ban Xia, especially at this time, should sit down and have a good talk with them instead of getting stuck. Now Wu Jianshe and Qiu Bi are daring to point at Ban Xia’s nose and curse, precisely because they are afraid of her. It is true that they look down on her, but two years ago, they couldn’t see her at all. The universe was detained, and Ban Xia immediately sorted out the ins and outs after learning about it. It turned out that someone reported that their storage yard was hiding munitions. Although all the procedures for Pinellia were complete, the criteria for defining scrap steel and munitions were ambiguous at this time.

Ban Xia took the materials to the Public Security Bureau for investigation. During the investigation, the company was unable to operate normally, which had a great impact on the company. A word from the customs staff made Zhao Lei understand that this matter was not so simple, so he made an appointment with Wu Jianshe. During the conversation with Wu Jianshe, from his reaction, Zhao Lei knew that the whistleblower was not Wu Jianshe, but Qiu Bizheng. Zhao Lei hopes that Wu Jianshe can help reconcile the conflict between Qiu Bizheng and Banxia. After all, Banxia Company is now rich and powerful. No matter which company he joins, it can provide strong financial support for the competing provincial No. 2 steel company.

Zhao Lei’s words are not unreasonable, and Wu Jianshe can also see that Zhao Lei did this for Pinellia, probably because he likes her. Banxia went to pick up Universe from the detention center, and just after walking out, Universe fainted. Everyone sent him to the hospital, and Universe vomited blood in the bathroom, but he didn’t tell anyone about it. Zhou Qian came to see him on the way and returned the money to the universe. Tong Xiaoqi was angry with her and always thought she was a female liar who lied to her good brother. Universe’s blood test is very serious, suspected of advanced lung cancer, Su Guodong asked Ban Xia to think about whether Universe has been working in an air-polluted environment for a long time these years.

Ban Xia thought of the tidal flat polluted by waste engine oil. For a long time, the universe worked there without any protection. Banxia was heartbroken, because the universe became like this because of following her. Regarding the illness, Banxia did not disclose it to the universe, only saying that it was a simple illness. Later, Banxia told Tong Xiaoqi about the illness of the universe, and asked him to take him to find Zhou Qian. The universe likes her, and in the last time, Ban Xia will do everything he can to make the universe better. Zhou Qian seemed very nervous about Ban Xia’s arrival, she thought that Ban Xia and Tong Xiaoqi had come to settle accounts with her.

The content of the conversation was beyond her expectation. Banxia wanted to pay her to fall in love with the universe, but she couldn’t let the universe know. Zhou Qian didn’t expect Ban Xia to ask for 10,000 a month. Zhou Qian felt resentful about her way of using money to measure the relationship between herself and the universe. She wanted 20,000 as revenge, but she didn’t expect Ban Xia to agree. Soon after, the universe officially introduced Zhou Qian to Ban Xia and the others. Ban Xia and Zhou Qian had already met each other, and they both tacitly regarded each other as not knowing each other.

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