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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 15 Recap

Chen Yuyu didn’t want to go to the hospital, and he didn’t allow Tong Xiaoqi to tell Banxia about it. Seeing that Chen Yuyu was still alive and well, Tong Xiaoqi didn’t insist anymore. Su Guodong’s younger brother, Su Guoliang, was born in computer science. He just graduated this year and came to work in Banxia’s company. Online international trade track. Feng Yu’s Bao’er didn’t know anything about business, and because some old masters in the factory didn’t respect her, she took the initiative to fire them, which indirectly caused the factory’s return rate to increase.

Feng Yu had the idea of ​​selling the factory, but Bao’er firmly disagreed. When the situation was good, she wanted to learn from Xu Banxia and become a powerful female entrepreneur. Feng Yu couldn’t persuade her, his face was full of sadness. Universe and Zhou Qian continue to fall in love, but the strange thing is that when dating Universe, Zhou Qian never wears the necklace he gave him, not even the clothes he bought. When Universe asked, she just said she was reluctant to wear it. Ban Xia went to find Zhao Lei and offered him an olive branch again, but Zhao Lei hadn’t decided to work under her, the reason was that he was more inclined to work in a foreign company, after all, the management of foreign companies was very mature.

Ban Xia didn’t try to persuade him anymore, and brought someone over early the next morning to help Zhao Lei move. She bought a house opposite her house, and Zhao Lei could live here directly in the future, and she didn’t charge his rent. Jin Bao’s mother made a special trip to Binhai and asked Feng Yu when she planned to have a wedding with her daughter. Feng Yu said that there was no rush now, and Jin Bao also turned to Feng Yu. Promised to hold a wedding. Zhou Qian knew that Universe was a good person and an honest person, and she didn’t want to lie to him again. She came to the stockyard to find Universe in person, and offered to break up.

Universe was very sad and wanted to figure out what was going on, so he took a taxi and followed Zhou Qian, but lost him at No. 18 Huilai Road, and came back to drink for a long time. After Zhao Lei came back, Ban Xia graciously brought him food. Ban Xia’s repeated offensives finally moved Zhao Lei.

Zhao Lei could go to work in her company, but there were three conditions. Although these three conditions were very harsh, Ban Xia immediately agreed, and went home to take the agreement. , Zhao Lei got his wish and asked Zhao Lei to sign and press his fingerprints. After several searches, he finally found Zhou Qian’s residence. Tong Xiaoqi accompanied him there and waited in the car.

When Chen Yuyu came here, he also understood that Zhou Qian was forced by two men to marry someone to cheat money. He wanted to take Zhou Qian away, but was beaten by these two men. Tong Xiaoqi waited outside for a long time and saw no one. When he walked in, he immediately stepped forward and beat the two of them to the ground. Chen Yuyu was still unwilling to go to the hospital, and asked Tong Xiaoqi not to tell Banxia about it. Chen Yuyu still couldn’t let go of Zhou Qian. Ban Xia and the others followed Vice President Gao to visit the Provincial No. 2 Steel Group. After returning, Zhao Lei arranged for his subordinates to work. His opinion was still the same as before.

Ban Xia didn’t take it seriously, and asked him if he was a trader, how to solve the problem of aging equipment at Provincial No. 2 Steel, Zhao Lei said the word Shenyang. At the wedding of Feng Yu and Jin Bao, because Feng Yu was married for the second time, many people were polite and did not make a fuss, but they left with excuses not long after the wedding started. Feng Yu explained a few words, and Jin Bao’s mother was very angry and directly Turned over the table.

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