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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 9 Recap

Liu Jiajun was unwilling to help Zhao Yunfei any more, so Ma Wu took people to the noodle shop and learned that Shen Jie often came to eat noodles with a gentleman, but he had already left. Xiao Qi returned home and lived a happy life with Zhenzhen. Now the situation is unstable, and it is impossible to send a telegram. Zhenzhen wants to use an excuse to go back to her mother’s house to wait for the delivery to send a telegram. up. When Xiao Qi hugged Zhenzhen and was thinking about the child, he suddenly received a call asking him to work overtime, so Xiao Qi left home in the middle of the night.

Zhao Yunfei pretended to be a member of the action team and took the opportunity to take Shen Jie away, but Shen Jie didn’t want to hurt Zhao Yunfei, so he pushed him away at the critical moment and was arrested again. Xiao Qi was called to repair the phone, and it was said that the phones of the two directors had crossed lines. Cao Shun seemed to be suspicious of Zhao Yunfei, and picked up a gun to attack Zhao Yunfei as soon as he left the office, but Chen Yuting appeared again and rescued Zhao Yunfei.

When Xiao Qi went to fix the phone, he accidentally caught a glimpse of the plan to encircle and suppress the Central Plains on Chen Yan’s desk. The same thing, it is imperative that the plan is communicated to the organization as quickly as possible.

Xiao Qi went to look for Wang Zhenchuan overnight, for such a big battle was an emergency for them. Shen Jie was rescued, but she still refused to say anything in the face of Ma Wu’s interrogation. Ma Wu threatened to attack her and asked Cao Shun to execute it himself. Shen Jie is still fearless in the face of Ma Wu’s verbal threats, but after Cao Shun shoots, he finds that there is no bullet in the gun. Ma Wu handed Shen Jie to Cao Shun, and he has to watch her in person without trial. Ma Wu believes that there are traitors inside, but his current task is to catch Qi Shu by all means and at all costs.

Liu Jiajun was very angry when he found Zhao Yunfei’s actions last night. This was the last time he helped Zhao Yunfei, and they will have nothing to do with each other in the future. Ma Wu once again played a new trick. They wanted to torture Shen Jie to find out the whereabouts of Uncle Qi. They wanted to cut off the most important skin on Shen Jie’s face to disfigure her. Shen Jie still stopped her waist, even if she became a cripple, she didn’t care.

Zhao Yunfei returned to the review team dejectedly, and was saddened and blamed himself when he learned the news of Shen Jie’s disfigurement. Chen Yan came to Gao Dafu’s mansion, and the two chatted happily. Gao Dafu had long complained about the current situation. Butler Dong went to the ballroom again, Zhao Yunfei and Chen Yuting quarreled in the ballroom, Zhao Yunfei complained that Chen Yuting shouldn’t have stopped him at the beginning, otherwise Shen Jie wouldn’t be like this. In the past ten days, the scars on Shen Jie’s face have begun to heal.

Ma Wu couldn’t understand a young girl in her prime regardless of her appearance. Ma Wu decided to release Shen Jie, and only after following her for a long time could he find Uncle Qi. Ma Wu handed over the matter to Cao Shun.

Shen Jie was thrown into the street by the action team in a state of embarrassment. Zhao Yunfei heard that Shen Jie was released and was going to visit her, but Chen Yuting tried to stop her but did not. Wang Zhenchuan received a specific plan to attack the Central Plains, but it was too difficult for Xiao Qi to send out the plan, but Xiao Qi still insisted on completing the task.

Although Shen Jie’s appearance was ruined, she still did not lose her strong will. She pretended to be crazy on the street in order to confuse the spies following her, and also to let her comrades notice that she had been exposed. Seeing Shen Jie making such a fuss in the street, Zhao Yunfei frowned. Xiao Qi and Zhao Yunfei taught those who wanted to bully Shen Jie a lesson, but Shen Jie took the opportunity to run away.

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