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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 8 Recap

Hou Baosheng beat the bodyguard guarding him to death on the pretext of going to the bathroom, and then put on his clothes and took the opportunity to leave. In the basketball game between Zhao Yunfei and Xiao Qi, Zhenzhen and Chen Yuting cheered on. Although Zhao Yunfei didn’t know the Communist Party status of his old classmate Xiao Qi, he really hoped that time could stop at this moment, and that all the good things would not be let down. .

Afterwards, Zhao Yunfei and Chen Yuting went to the ballroom and met two of Zhao Yunfei’s friends. They were ordered to leave Chongqing for Xi’an tomorrow. Steward Dong also went to the ballroom afterwards, and persuaded Zhao Yunfei to come to Xi’an as well, but Zhao Yunfei has no plans to leave Chongqing at present.

Zhao Yunfei saw that Shen Jie came to the ballroom with a different outfit, and went over to say hello. Shen Jie told Zhao Yunfei in a low voice that something had happened to him recently, so he should stay away from him. After Hou Baosheng left the hospital, he found a public phone booth to call Shen Jie, trying to get her to leave as soon as possible, but Shen Jie didn’t receive the call by accident.

Hou Baosheng saw the scene of Shen Jie being taken away outside the ballroom, and immediately rescued Shen Jie desperately. In order to cover Shen Jie and leave, Hou Baosheng was shot and died, but Shen Jie did not escape the arrest of the action team. After Hou Baosheng was beaten to death, he took him into the car.

Shen Jie did not waver in the face of Ma Wu’s interrogation. Ma Wu ordered her to be tortured. Zhao Yunfei wanted to stop it but was stopped by Chen Yuting. Shen Jie couldn’t last long in the face of torture, and Cao Shun couldn’t bear it, so he advised Ma Wu to try with those two technicians. The two technicians also brought the news that Dai Li’s plane was missing, and the entire military command was in chaos in an instant. Chen Yuting and Zhao Yunfei looked at the panicked people around them and were very disturbed.

Shen Jie remained unconscious after being beaten, and Cao Shun hurriedly asked someone to take her to the interrogation room. Shen Jie was injected with drugs in a coma. They wanted to take advantage of Hou Baosheng and Shen Jie’s lover status, but the hallucinogens did not work on Shen Jie. Cao Shun went to get the gunshot videotape, and accidentally learned that Dai Li’s story was true. Using the gunshot videotape, the technician made Shen Jie hallucinate, and got the time when Shen Jie and Uncle Qi met.

Dai Li is dead, and the direction of the military command makes everyone panic. Xiao Qi went to Wang Zhenchuan’s shop to buy fruit, Wang Zhenchuan secretly told him about the accident in other groups, and gave Xiao Qi some apples. People were panicked, and many people in the review team planned to leave.

Tomorrow is the first day of junior high school. Ma Wu asked Shen Jie to cooperate with them in catching Qi Shu. Shen Jie didn’t know that she had already revealed the whereabouts of Qi Shu under the influence of hallucinogens. Shen Jie was accused of being a traitor to the Communist Party. When Zhao Yunfei heard that the action team was about to go on a mission, he hurriedly dragged Chen Yuting out for a drink.

Ma Wu led the team to act, and District Chief Ye asked Zhuang Meijiao to watch the battle. Shen Jie appeared around the market, and Ma Wu and others had already laid a net nearby, but no one approached Shen Jie. Shen Jie glanced at the high place, and jumped into the river resolutely. Zhao Yunfei wanted to save others, but was dragged away by Chen Yuting again.

Chen Yuting scolded Zhao Yunfei for looking for death everywhere, but Zhao Yunfei admired Shen Jie from the bottom of his heart, and didn’t understand why the military commander must oppose the Communist Party. Chen Yuting has always held a grudge against the Communist Party because of her adoptive father’s death, even though Zhao Yunfei did not believe that the Communist Party would kill a peace-loving revolutionary.

The action team arrested many people, but none of them were the legendary Seventh Uncle. Ma Wu realized that Uncle Seven would not appear again, but he still didn’t give up, and went to the noodle shop with Shen Jie’s photo. Zhao Yunfei went to Liu Jiajun for help, but this time Liu Jiajun was unwilling to help.

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