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Shining Just For You 九州·朱颜记 Episode 7 Recap

Ye Lingshuang secretly went to the place where Qi Hailian and the others were staying in the middle of the night, and everyone was very surprised to see that she was still alive. Ye Lingshuang told Qi Hailian about her experience, Chu Ye still regarded her as a disaster star and wanted to kill her. Qi Hailian told Ye Lingshuang the real purpose of their coming to Tianqi, and also told Ye Lingshuang the situation on the day of the battle. Yu Xiuming was hit by the sky fire and was still unscathed.

Ye Lingshuang thought that his armor had shifted to the right. Qi Hailian planned to sneak into Xinghan Grand Ceremony to assassinate, this was their only chance, Ye Lingshuang advised them to be cautious, she had to try it out first. Qi Hailian will stop Yebei from being hostile to Ye Lingshuang in the future, but in fact, Ye Lingshuang and Qi Hairui have always been the same in her heart.

Ye Lingshuang asked Yun Wen about the Skyfire Art, but Yun Wen said that this is the biggest secret of the current era, and only Ye Lingshuang can explore the secret. Fan Ruhui begged to see Yu Xiuming and asked for money to buy the Xinghan Grand Ceremony, Yu Xiuming deliberately tried to make an example of being enriched for his own money, and asked Fan Ruhui to proceed with this matter. Soon, Qintian Guanyi was arrested for stealing and taking bribes. Ye Lingshuang recommended Mr. Gu to Di Lanzhang and got approval.

Fan Zheng was very worried about the bribery case of Xinghan Dadian. In order to protect his son, Fan Ruhui did not investigate further, and ordered Guan Yi to be killed in prison to cover the crime. The torrential rain continued, Jie Zhuying was still kneeling in front of the hall, Yu Xiuming finally couldn’t bear to let him go back. Yu Xiuming let Jie Zhuying go back to the Forbidden Army, and allowed him to set up a mourning hall at home to express his condolences.

Xie Yu’an, Fan Ruhui and others all went to Jie’s house to express their condolences, but it is not known whether they are sincere or false. Fan Ruhui told Jie Zhuying that Jie Haitian and Yu Xiuming had deep grievances. Fan Ping specially stayed to comfort Jie Zhuying, and gave Jie Zhuying the letter that Jie Haitian had handed over to him.

After reading Jie Haitian’s letter, Jie Zhuying felt extremely sad, knowing that he had harmed his parents, he blamed himself even more. Qi Hailian came to comfort Zhuying in the world and advised him not to hate anymore, but to remember some warm and joyful things. In any case, don’t forget the time they spent together. When Qi Hailian left, she met a general named Huo Lu.

He was rescued by Jie Haitian and has survived until now. Therefore, he harbored resentment towards Yu Xiuming and planned to complain for Jie Haitian at the Xinghan Grand Ceremony. Qi Hailian agreed to cooperate with him, but he didn’t know that it was all Cai’s plan.

The Xinghan Grand Ceremony is approaching, and Tianqi is about to conduct a martial law search. Ye Lingshuang secretly went to Yunji Tower to investigate the situation in order to pass on news to Qi Hailian, but unexpectedly met Yu Xiuming. When Yu Xiuming saw her coming in and hid on purpose, he accidentally saw her conversation with Yun Wen. Yu Xiuming couldn’t hear Yun Wen’s words, so Ye Lingshuang lied that he was talking to himself.

At night, Ye Lingshuang went to Yunji Tower again, wanting to know Yu Xiuming’s secret. Yun Wen told Ye Lingshuang that the real master is omnipresent and knows everything. Ye Lingshuang thinks that the real master may have given Yu Xiuming some power. It stands to reason that Yu Xiuming had fought for more than ten years to unify the world, but he looks a little too young.

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