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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 33 Recap

Gao Jianhong has always regarded Li Xun as an enemy. This time he couldn’t hack Li Xun’s website, so he gave Xu Lina a necklace to please Xu Lina, but the purpose was just to let Xu Lina approach Li Xun to steal the source code. Xu Lina was shocked and sad, and accused Gao Jianhong of putting her He gave it up to others, but Gao Jianhong thought that Xu Lina had always liked Li Xun, and was also thinking about having an affair with Li Xun. This time, he just gave him a chance. Xu Lina satirized Gao Jianhong for losing the contest with Li Xun this time, so angry that Gao Jianhong slapped Xu Lina on the face, but immediately realized that he was wrong, and Xu Lina coldly refused to comfort him. building.

Early the next morning, Gao Jianhong went downstairs and looked at Xu Lina, who hadn’t slept all night, sitting on the sofa, and directly proposed his own conditions. As long as Xu Lina could get the source code, he would agree to divorce. Xu Lina’s eyes seemed to glow with hope. Xu Lina took the initiative to call Zhu Yun to make an appointment to meet, said something not salty, and even asked Zhu Yun to persuade Li Xun and Gao Jianhong to cooperate to expand the blind love box, which also made Zhu Yun a little unclear, because Gao Jianhong is not After agreeing to the cooperation, Zhu Yun got up and left without even drinking the coffee that Xu Lina specially made.

On the way back, Zhu Yun called Li Xun and told Li Xun about it. Li Xun couldn’t figure it out for a while, but just told Zhu Yun about the award of the invincible general, and made an appointment with the whole company to attend the award ceremony For this reason, Li Xun specially prepared a dress for Zhu Yun. All the staff wore black suits, and Zhu Yun’s white dress looked particularly eye-catching when surrounded by everyone.

After taking pictures to receive the award, Li Xun delivered his acceptance speech on behalf of the company. No one thought that the person he wanted to thank was Gao Jianhong. Thanks to Gao Jianhong for plagiarism, which made him keep improving. Just being left behind without a trace, Li Xun satirized with a smile that Gao Jianhong’s plagiarized things are lifeless, and now many companies are flocking to invest in Li Xun’s company, but Li Xun only has one request, rather than excess, and after the announcement His goal is online medical care, which has always been his and Zhu Yun’s dream. Li Xun especially expressed his gratitude to Zhu Yun, the kind of gratitude to the person who always believed in him.

After the award ceremony, there was a celebration banquet. Everyone drank together to celebrate. Xu Lina took the opportunity to get close to Li Xun. Hou Ning stopped Zhu Yun who was going to find Li Xun. The two hid behind the pillar to listen to the conversation between Xu Lina and Li Xun. Xu Lina Speaking of the past, I feel that everyone is changing, but only Li Xun has not changed.

Zhu Yun wanted to rush out when she heard this, but was stopped by Hou Ning. Hou Ning told Zhu Yun that this was part of Li Xun’s plan, and also hoped that Zhu Yun could be prepared mentally. In the future, there will be more and more women around Li Xun. Yun also learned from Hou Ning that Xu Lina approached Li Xun for the source code, and told him that if he didn’t want to go in again, he would tell her about the meeting between Li Xun and Xu Lina.

That night, Zhu Yun met Hou Ning in the office, and when she saw Hou Ning holding a pillow, she knew that Xu Lina had gone to find Li Xun. At this time, Xu Lina was drinking with Li Xun, telling what happened in the past few years and what happened in the past Things, she is not in a bad mood and low mood is not acting out, Xu Lina proposed to play a lying game with Li Xun, Li Xun did not respond, and Xu Lina kept entertaining herself, asking why she married Gao Jianhong, in fact It’s because of love. Although it’s the opposite, it can still be seen that Xu Lina has no love for Gao Jianhong, and she still remembers Li Xun’s youthful appearance.

When Xu Lina woke up and found herself in Li Xun’s room, and she stole the source code logically, but Li Xun was sitting in the living room and knew everything about Xu Lina, Xu Lina naturally saw that everything was designed by Li Xun However, he was still willing to help Gao Jianhong, which could be regarded as helping himself, and Li Xun didn’t want to owe Xu Lina anything. Xu Lina smiled bitterly. All these years, Li Xun had never owed her anything, but her envy of Li Xun and Zhu Yun had never changed.

After Li Xun sent Xu Lina away, he sent a message to Zhu Yun, but he heard a sound behind the tree. He called and found Zhu Yun. Li Xun told Zhu Yun about his relationship with Xu Lina, and he didn’t want to do that either. Do it, and remind Xu Lina, but Xu Lina has her own considerations and plans, all they can do is prepare materials to sue.

Xu Lina gave the source code to Gao Jianhong. Gao Jianhong prepared a divorce agreement for Xu Lina, took off their wedding rings, and gave Xu Lina all the real estate. He promised to move out as soon as possible. Gao Jianhong’s eyes were red, and he also felt a little ironic. The two got married when Li Xun was in prison, and they divorced when Li Xun was released from prison. He also knew that Xu Lina’s heart was no longer with him, and he should have let go long ago.

After leaving, Gao Jianhong went to the hospital. He had a malignant tumor in his brain that needed to be removed, but the risk was very high. He resolutely refused to have the operation until he had a fight with Li Xun. But the doctor also reminded Gao Jianhong that his life might be in danger. After Gao Jianhong left the hospital, he went to the base of Hunan University, which was full of previous memories, thinking about all the past with Li Xun, watching Li Xun being imprisoned by him, holding the USB flash drive that Xu Lina gave him, It seemed that the chances of winning were already in hand to defeat Li Xun.

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