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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 14 Recap

Banxia called the universe to the office, and the universe thought she knew that she was in a relationship, but Banxia didn’t know, it was the universe who showed the clues. Ban Xia already suspects that he has something to hide, and the universe can only confess that the person he is in love with is Zhou Qian, who came to Binhai to work alone, and is now a fashion designer.

Banxia asked him if he knew what liking was. After listening to what the universe said, Banxia had a bottom line in his heart. The universe was really attracted to this girl named Zhou Qian. Because of the exclusion from the company, Zhao Lei decided to pat his butt and leave. Qin Fangping followed him for four years. Until today, Zhao Lei really saw him clearly.

Qiu Bi was going to pick Guo Qidong out of prison. He said that Xu Banxia is now in the world, and Guo Qidong has to apologize to her first. Universe borrowed a car from Banxia, ​​and Tong Xiaoqi drove him to see Zhou Qian. Universe and Zhou Qian are both in love for the first time. They have no experience, so they wandered around the jewelry store and saw that Zhou Qian was wearing a beautiful necklace.

Universe waved his hand and bought it for her. Wu Jianshe was the host and invited Zhao Lei, Qin Fangping, Xu Banxia, ​​Qiu Bizheng, Feng Yu, and Guo Qidong who had just been released from prison. Feng Yu also brought his Baoer. Under Qiu Bizheng’s arrangement, Guo Qidong raised his glass to apologize to Xu Banxia.

It’s just that Guo Qidong’s words were full of dissatisfaction, thinking that what she did at the beginning was not authentic, Qiu Bi was pulling Guo Qidong’s clothes privately to remind him that enough is enough, but Guo Qidong turned a blind eye, thinking that Banxia would turn his face on the spot, but Banxia drank A glass of wine said that this matter was overturned.

An important purpose of Wu Jianshe for inviting everyone to come is to persuade them to cooperate together, gather together shares, and strive to win the Provincial No. 2 Steel Group. When Banxia heard that Wu Jianshe owns 50% of the shares, he asked one more question. Wu Jianshe did not answer directly, but subtly stated that Banxia’s company has just started, and as the eldest brother, he should take greater risks.

Wu Jianshe has even found a channel, that is Qin Fangping of Rongsite. Ban Xia understood that what he did was tantamount to slapping Zhao Lei in the face. Ban Xia disagreed at the time, and she put forward her own idea, asking for 40% of the shares, and Wu Jianshe also got 100% Forty, but Banxia has the right to operate for three years, and if something happens in the middle, she has a veto. Wu Jianshe naturally disagreed, and Qiu Bizheng was also unwilling to share the remaining 20% ​​of the shares with Feng Yu. Seeing that Zhao Lei kept his head buried in his meal and didn’t express any views, Wu Jianshe asked him to share his views.

Zhao Lei also told the truth, and advised Wu Jianshe and the others not to be too hotheaded. After all, everyone here has no experience in building a steel factory. Wu Jianshe’s words changed when he heard this, and he always felt that Zhao Lei looked down on his background in scrap steel.

After drinking the wine, Wu Jianshe simply opened up, accusing Zhao Lei of not lending money to him, but being very generous to Xu Banxia, ​​which made her what she is now, and made her dare to ask him for management rights. Zhao Lei also had reasons and evidence, and in the end the quarrel became so violent that Wu Jianshe even held on to Zhao Lei’s tie. After Zhao Lei left, Ban Xia also picked up his coat and went out.

Qin Fangping chased her out and asked if there was any interest in the cooperation between her and Zhao Lei, Banxia denied it, half reminding him, half warning him not to go too far. When Ban Xia learned that Zhao Lei had resigned, he invited him to his company, and sent a driver to send Zhao Lei back that night. The relationship between Universe and Zhou Qian goes smoothly, but Zhou Qian keeps silent about the factory where she works.

Love makes people feel happy. This day they went to work a little late, Tong Xiaoqi and Gao Xinyi were there, the universe just said a few words to them, then ran to the bathroom to cough, Tong Xiaoqi went in and saw that he was coughing up blood, he pulled Universe told him to go to the hospital, but Universe told him not to tell Ban Xia.

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