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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 13 Recap

Vice President Gao asked Gao Xinyi to work for Banxia, ​​but Banxia’s company cannot do business with steel companies on its own channel. This is an iron principle. Soon after, Banxia’s company expanded in scale and moved the company to a building. In the future, they will not only do scrap steel business, but also do international trade business, and the number of staff has also increased many times.

After taking the photos, Banxia took Gao Xinyi to buy clothes. Gao Xinyi didn’t want to wear them at first, but Banxia “threatened” her with Tong Xiaoqi, and Gao Xinyi immediately gave in. If it wasn’t for Gao Xinyi who accompanied Tong Xiao to ride the sand to repay the company’s debts, Ban Xia might not be able to survive now. She sincerely thanked Gao Xinyi.

It’s just that Banxia doesn’t understand why Gao Xinyi, a young lady, likes Tong Xiaoqi. Gao Xinyi told her that her father had also been in prison, and he did everything. After he was released from prison, he was in poor health and did not go to work again. However, every decision made by his mother was made by consulting his father, so it was achieved.

The current Senior Vice President. And Tong Xiaoqi was very kind to Banxia, ​​so good that Gao Xinyi envied him, thinking that if she became Tong Xiaoqi’s girlfriend, would he treat him better. Under the influence of various factors, she naturally fell in love with Tong Xiaoqi. Ban Xia smiled and asked her what gift to give a man. Gao Xinyi asked for gossip, but Ban Xia didn’t say anything.

Ban Xia brought Gao Xinyi to the work station, which was on the opposite side of the universe. Gao Xinyi was a business student, and he saw at a glance that Universe’s accounts were miscalculated, so he took the initiative to work for Universe. After Feng Yu’s factory survived, his wife finally gave up on Feng Yu, took out half of her assets, and wanted to divorce Feng Yu.

Wu Jianshe called Ban Xia to persuade him, and Ban Xia knew that Feng Yu was out there, so he simply refused to persuade him. As the big brother, Wu Jianshe couldn’t be persuaded by both ends, and left angrily. Banxia cooperated with Zhao Lei Company and sold the scrap steel to Rongsite Company at a price of 1,100 tons. This was agreed before, and Zhao Lei made a lot of profits for the company because of this order.

Ban Xia gave him one million, but Zhao Lei didn’t want it, and replaced it with a meal. Banxia admired Zhao Lei very much and invited him to be a risk consultant for her company, because she planned to buy another batch of scrap steel from the Black Sea. Zhao Lei did not express his opinion yet, and took out the gift he had prepared for her. Ban Xia thought it was a necklace, but when he opened it, he found that it was a paper knife. Zhao Lei explained in a sly way that European nobles gave each other this gift representing friendship. 1997 passed, and 1998 ushered in. The 10,000-ton-level storage yard and wharf of Banxia Company also opened. .

Qiu Bi was going to see Guo Qidong in prison, and seeing him was secondary, the most important thing was to ask him how to deal with the proportional valve. When looking at the wharf, Vice President Gao reminded Banxia to carry out technical reforms, and the province would contract the second provincial steel company to a private enterprise.

This is a good transformation opportunity for Banxia, ​​and this time it is an open bidding. Everyone is equal. After Wu Construction said, Ban Xia knew that Zhao Lei was in a difficult situation in Rongsite Company, and Steve took back his house and car. At this time, Zhao Lei was being “interrogated” by the audit in the conference room, and they had been focusing on several previous contracts and the exceeding of the entertainment expenses.

Ban Xia asked Tong Xiaoqi and Chen Yuyu for their opinions on setting up an independent steel factory, and they both raised their hands in agreement. When Universe received a call, he went to the side to answer it. Gao Xinyi secretly went to listen and found out that he was in a relationship. Universe told her not to tell others, but Tong Xiaoqi came to ask questions the next day. While arguing with Tong Xiaoqi, Ban Xia sent someone to call Universe to the office.

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