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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 12 Recap

Guo Qidong learned about this through Qin Fangping, Zhao Lei’s vice president. Zhao Lei had no choice but to sit down and talk to Guo Qidong in the face of Guo Qidong’s aggression. . He believed that Banxia and Zhao Lei had no chance of turning over, so he dared to be so presumptuous. No matter how good-tempered Zhao Lei was, he couldn’t help but attack Guo Qidong.

Su Guodong came to see Banxia, ​​and once again expressed his feelings to her. In his eyes, such a Banxia really needs someone to take care of him, and he is willing to be Banxia’s pillow. Ban Xia is also unequivocal, saying that she regards him as her best friend, but emotional matters cannot be left alone.

Time passed by every minute, and the price of steel did not seem to rise. Ban Xia signed the date of 23rd on the calendar, and marked the word “auction” next to it. Zhao Lei has been keeping an eye on the steel price, and seeing the steel market pick up, he immediately went to Pinellia and asked her to turn on the financial channel of the TV. After Banxia saw the news, she wept with joy, opened the door and couldn’t help hugging Zhao Lei.

They had waited for so long, and it was finally time to turn around! After Universe received the call, he became emotional and directly overturned the tables where the creditors were playing cards. The bitter days when his grandson served them tea and water were finally over, and he could stand up in the future!

Zhao Lei’s judgment on the market was correct, and he returned to the original position of general manager. Qin Fangping seemed to be a different person, and greeted Zhao Lei with a smile. Qiu Bizheng was jealous of Banxia’s scrap steel money and got soft hands, so he went to Wu Jianshe and asked him to go to Banxia with him, hoping that she could share some oil and water with them, but Banxia took the initiative to invite them over.

Ban Xia told them that he had already placed another order from the Black Sea, this time the order was 100,000 tons. Hearing this, several people gasped. But Banxia said that everyone who has money will earn together, she will take 30,000 tons, and the rest will go to Wu Jianshe with 30,000 tons, and Feng Yu and Qiu Bizheng will each have 20,000 tons.

The four of them laughed and praised Pinellia one after another. Banxia glanced at Guo Qidong, and then mentioned the matter of repaying the money. She returned the money and interest to Qiu Bizheng and Guo Qidong respectively. Qiu Bizheng was wondering where Guo Qidong got so much money.

Ban Xia’s cold few words exposed Guo Qidong’s dirty business of secretly selling the scraps from Qiu Bizheng’s factory and finally saving more than one million yuan. What happened to Guo Qidong when he fell into trouble is still vivid in my memory, Ban Xia will not let him go so easily, and even threw out the account book that Qiu Bizheng asked her to check. Pointing at Guo Qidong and telling him to wait to eat in prison.

As soon as Ban Xia changed his luck, Xu Youren immediately changed his face. For Qianqian’s sake, Ban Xia paid her to buy a piano. Tong Xiaoqi gave the team reward to Gao Xinyi. If it weren’t for her in the past six months, the team probably wouldn’t be able to survive. The relationship between the two is also getting deeper and deeper amidst the many sufferings.

Banxia gave Tong Xiaoqi a sum of money and asked him to replace these cars with new ones. She also asked Tong Xiaoqi to sign the contract and merge the team into the company again, with the original shares. Ban Xia also called Vice President Gao, and Gao Xinyi confessed that he and Tong Xiaoqi were in a relationship, which made Vice President Gao very angry.

In the end, Vice President Gao let go, but his daughter must not throw sand here, she can go to work in Pinellia’s company, and we will talk about it in a year.

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