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Shining Just For You 九州·朱颜记 Episode 6 Recap

Jie Haitian broke into the imperial court suddenly, thinking that it was inappropriate to set up the capital, and if he deliberately rebelled, he would be like the King of Yu back then. Yu Xiuming was dissatisfied with Jie Haitian, Fan Ruhui took the opportunity to read Jie Haitian’s book to tamper with Yu Xiuming’s will, and Yu Xiuming immediately got angry and ordered Jie Haitian to be taken to the front of the palace. However, Fan Ruhui later begged Yu Xiuming to show mercy not to hurt Jie Haitian’s wife and children. Fan Ruhui pretended to shed a few tears, but then laughed again.

Ye Lingshuang was restless, and then rushed to the execution ground, where Jie Haitian had already been executed. Yu Xiuming ordered Di Lanzhang to succeed Qin Tianjian as the supervisor. Qihai Lian helped all the babies in the world fish out the Fanghua Mirror, and then passed out due to exhaustion. At this time, the imperial decree came, Jie Haitian ordered his wife to commit suicide, and Yu Xiuming ordered all the babies in the world to return to Tianqi immediately.

The infants in the world couldn’t accept the news, and their hearts ached. Jie Zhuying has never doubted Yu Xiuming’s sincerity to Jie Haitian. He should know that Jie Haitian will never betray him no matter what. When he was alive, Jie Haitian protected him from the wind and rain, but now that he is gone, Jie Zhuying does not. Know how to get justice for him. In this world, Qi Hailian is the only person that the babies in the world care about. Fortunately, Qi Hailian is by his side at this moment.

Yu Xiuming appointed Fan Ruhui as Grand Chancellor and became the first prime minister of Da Chao, so he was very proud and very happy. Yu Xiuming was very dissatisfied with the reaction of the courtiers, and had a plan in mind. Fan Ruhui decided to marry Miss Zuo for his eldest son Fan Ping to gain power, but Fan Ping was unwilling. Fan Zheng said he would marry Miss Zuo for him, but Fan Ruhui scolded him.

The Xinghan Grand Ceremony is being prepared, and Ye Lingshuang came to supervise the construction. Fan Zheng heard that Ye Lingshuang was going to supervise the construction of the Xinghan Grand Ceremony, and he was thinking about what he shouldn’t have. Ye Lingshuang went to see Mr. Gu. Mr. Gu was rescued by Ye Lingshuang and Qi Hairui when he encountered a wolf in Yebei Tour. After the two met each other, Ye Lingshuang asked some things about the Xinghan Grand Ceremony, and asked him to drag the completed drawings first. Once delayed, we must find out the scam.

The infants from Jie returned to Tianqi, but they were not allowed to collect the body for Jie Haitian. Qi Hailian sneaked into the team and followed all the way. She wanted to intercede for Yebei by herself, although Jie Zhuying agreed to intercede for her, but now he can’t even go home. Jie Zhuying couldn’t kneel down outside the Yu Xiuming Hall, but Yu Xiuming still didn’t see him. Leng Tianxi wanted to intercede for Zhuying Jie, but Yu Xiuming had grown up with him, and what he asked for was normal, but Yu Xiuming still didn’t want to see him. Qi Hailian and others came all the way from Yebei to Tianqi and wanted to kill Yu Xiuming, but now there is no chance to meet Yu Xiuming, so they can only take a step first.

Fan Ping has a good relationship with Jie Zhuying. Fan Ping is worried about his current situation and pleads for him in front of Fan Ruhui, but Fan Ruhui said that he will not speak to Yu Xiuming until the time is right. Ye Lingshuang went to see Yu Xiuming but was stopped, and saw Jie Zhuying kneeling outside the hall for three whole days. Jie Zhuying told her that Qi Hailian had come to the apocalypse, and told her where they lived. Yu Xiuming learned that Ye Lingshuang had spoken with Jie Zhuying, so he asked Ye Lingshuang to come to see him. Ye Lingshuang took the opportunity to sue Fan Zheng.

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