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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 25 Recap

Yang Hua hesitated again and again, and finally knocked on Qin Shi’s door, intending to have a good chat with her. Yang Hua took the initiative to admit his mistakes to Qin Shi, but also said that his words and deeds were due to jealousy of Tao Junhui. He was jealous that Tao Junhui had accompanied Qin Shi for seven years. I met Qin Shi early. Qin Shi thinks Yanghua like this is very cute, and forgives Yanghua, and the two hug each other to let go.

Wu Fei took Tao Junhui to visit Ding Fangfang, and wanted to help Tao Junhui meet Cao Yiren and get to know him through meeting. After seeing Cao Yiren, Tao Junhui said that he was a lawyer by profession and that he was Ding’s attorney. Tao Junhui thinks that a prenuptial agreement is a very fair choice, but Cao Yiren said that he can give Fangfang the life he wants with his own ability. The person who really needs a prenuptial agreement is the frequently divorced Mr. Ding, not Ding Fangfang. Cao Yiren also did not say that he would not sign the prenuptial agreement, provided that Ding Fangfang asked him to sign it.

Tao Junhui thought it was unfair for Ding Fangfang to choose between her fiancé and her father, but Cao Yiren believed that he should be the 20% of the important people in the 28th law and take the decision in his own hands. He also told Tao Junhui that marriage is important It doesn’t matter at all to men.

Qin Shi checked the company operated by Cao Yiren and found that the profit margin of this company is extremely low, and it can only be profitable after a long-term scale. Yang Hua said that Cao Yiren’s company can completely operate without its own funds, and can package its own services into a wealth management product, and realize its own profits through bank credit products.

Yanghua believes that marriage is very important to men, because the marriage system itself is a product of patriarchal society, and it is to ensure that men with more social capital pass on their assets to their true blood through family attributes. As a man, Yang Hua believes that in the current Internet age, men no longer occupy an absolute dominant position, and there is nothing to be proud of. Seeing Yanghua talking eloquently, Qin Shi’s heart was moved, and he quickly invited Yanghua to sleep with him. After the two reacted, Qin Shi regretted it in embarrassment, which made Yanghua feel very disappointed.

Wu Fei and Tao Junhui were on their way home, Wu Fei thought they could drop Ding Fangfang’s case, and she could persuade Mr. Ding to protect property in other ways. Tao Junhui said that Mr. Ding’s approach was fundamentally distrustful of the other party. In front of Tao Junhui, Wu Fei firmly expressed that she absolutely trusted him. Tao Junhui said that if Wu’s father asked the two to sign a prenuptial agreement so that Wu Fei could give it to him, Wu Fei lied that there was no such thing.

Qin Shi sent a message asking Tao Junhui to investigate the product background and various financing status of Cao Yiren’s Guangsha Haozu. Yang Hua finally came to Qin Shi’s bedroom, and Qin Shi also tacitly agreed that the two of them could sleep in the same bed. Qin Shi remembered Li Dai’s words and asked Yanghua why he wanted to study law to help him, but Yanghua said that he didn’t need a reason to help Qin Shi. Yanghua asked Qin Shi why he liked him, and Qin Shi said that Yanghua’s heart is not clean and simple, and it is good that he can maintain such a pure and kind heart. Hearing Qin Shi’s approval of his words, Yang Hua was very happy, and the two finally embraced each other and fell asleep.

Father Wu found his daughter Wu Fei to talk to. He investigated and learned about the relationship between Tao Junhui and Qin Shi before, and also saw from Mr. Lan’s case that Tao Junhui was a person who disregarded his feelings for his career. Wu Fei knew that her father wanted Tao Junhui to sign a prenuptial agreement, but she was against it. Father Wu handed over the information in his hand to Wu Fei, and asked her to talk to him after reading it.

Early the next morning, Yanghua approached Cai Liang after work and said that Fangyu Financial’s project could not be done, but Cai Liang thought it was a mature product of a senior financial company, and it was not a product of the bank, so Yanghua should not interfere. But Yanghua believes that their job is to consider the interests of customers, let alone let them go. Yanghua just received a call from Lao Zhou. Lao Zhou wanted to come to the bank to learn about the trust products provided by Songjiang Sanlian. Yanghua directly persuaded Lao Zhou that this product was risky and told him not to buy it.

Wu Fei finally opened the information bag given by her father, saw the photo of Tao Junhui and Qin Shi taken inside, and looked at the loving eyes of Tao Junhui looking at Qin Shi, which made Wu Fei very angry. Tao Junhui came to Cao Yiren with the environmental monitoring report of the business apartments operated by Cao Yiren’s company, and said that there were more than 20 apartments in which the formaldehyde content exceeded the standard, and this was not an isolated phenomenon.

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