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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Zhouyu went to discuss with the village chief with a shy face, and gave the village chief the money Tong Xiao earned from pulling sand, hoping that the village chief would continue to fulfill the contract. Xu Youren was forced by his wife to ask Ban Xia for money, but Ban Xia couldn’t afford the half a million dollars for a while. Tong Xiaoqi led the team, ran day and night, and finally made some money.

Gao Xinyi was happy for him, and suggested that he expand the size of the team, so that Tong Xiaoqi would not have to run by himself in the future. Soon in the autumn of 1997, Qiu Bizheng’s steel factory ran out of steel, so he had to come to Wu Jianshe. Wu Jianshe could give him 1,000 tons, but Qiu Bizheng had to give him the money at cost.

Qiu Bizheng came to seek Wu Jianshe because he had no money. When he talked about money, Qiu Bizheng became very angry, and Wu Jianshe was speechless for a while when he brought up the matter of being cheated abroad. Tong Xiaoqi desperately pulled sand to make money to pay off the debts of the storage yard. He didn’t sleep for two days. Later, because he dozed off while driving, the car rolled over. His first reaction was to protect Gao Xinyi. Tong Xiaoqi was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

He had multiple injuries and fractures on his body, the most serious one was the glass shards inserted into his chest. Dr. Su arranged for the best doctor to operate on him. Su Guodong paid for the operation first, and Ban Xia took the money earned by Tong Xiaoqi from pulling sand to the yard for emergency treatment.

When we arrived at the storage yard, Banxia’s office was full of creditors, and Universe was sitting on the saddle, either serving tea or delivering water. It turned out that it was not easy for Chen Universe to deal with these people who asked for money. Chen Yuyu never told Ban Xia about these things. Xu Youren learned that Banxia’s property had been seized by the court.

He was worried that he would not get the money, so he forced Banxia to sign. Tong Xiaoqi gave all the team money to Xu Banxia, ​​which caused dissatisfaction among the team brothers. When Tong Xiaoqi was hospitalized, they were about to sell the car. Gao Xinyi stopped them in time and assured them that every penny the team earned would be given to Xu Banxia They, let her lead the team.

Feng Yu’s girlfriend who was away knew that he was in trouble, and she also saw the truth in adversity. She sold all the bags Feng Yu gave her, and put her 100,000 yuan savings in the card. She gave the card to Feng Yu , Quan regarded it as an emergency, and Feng Yu was so moved that he couldn’t be more moved. Banxia and Guo Qidong’s second-instance lawsuit opened.

Before the trial, she rejected Guo Qidong’s proposal for reconciliation, not only because Guo Qidong’s conditions were too harsh, but also because she didn’t want to be soft on a villain like Guo Qidong. Qin Fangping was instructed by the head office to check all the contracts signed by Zhao Lei when he was in office. It was obvious that he wanted to check whether Zhao Lei was tricky.

When Ban Xia came to Zhao Lei’s company, he couldn’t help feeling guilty when he saw that he had been demoted indirectly to a small employee. The legal affairs invited Banxia to come and wanted her to re-sign a contract with the company. The contract stated that 410 tons would buy all the steel in Banxia’s hands. Once Banxia signed, she would face bankruptcy.

However, Steve Banxia couldn’t afford her husband’s threats and the consequences he said, so she finally decided to sign the contract, but before she could write anything, Zhao Lei rushed in to stop it. Zhao Lei said that he is still the general manager of this Rongsite company, and the contract will be extended for another six months, and he will be responsible for whatever happens.

Ban Xia couldn’t hold on anymore, but Zhao Lei hoped that she could persevere. Once he admits defeat at this time, it means that his support, trust in Ban Xia, and his judgment on this matter are all wrong. Zhao Lei must not Accept the result. Knowing that Banxia was sued by Guo Qidong, Zhao Lei asked him to call Banxia. In front of Zhao Lei, Guo Qidong proposed another solution, but Banxia asked him where he got Rongsite. The news that the steel in her hands was purchased at a price of four hundred tons.

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