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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 10 Recap

Before the joy was over, Zhao Lei threw out a chilling news. Now that the price of steel has fallen, if the steel in Banxia’s hands is collected according to the current steel price, Banxia will not only lose a penny, but lose money. Zhao Lei said that he could support her for a few more days, but if there is no major policy adjustment, steel prices will probably continue to fall like this.

Zhao Lei didn’t come here to force Banxia, ​​but to remind her to be mentally prepared. Guo Qidong stepped in again at this time, and Ban Xia would either lose money and mortgage the steel for the one million money, or pay back the money now. Ban Xia chose to carry it, and she began to think of ways to return the money.

Tong Xiaoqi was called and signed a contract. Banxia was worried that if the company went bankrupt, it would affect Tong Xiaoqi’s team, so he asked him to sign a contract, which roughly stated that the team should be independent. Tong Xiaoqi regretted signing just now, but he asked them to carry it together no matter what, and Banxia agreed.

Zhao Lei is now a mud bodhisattva crossing the river, and he can’t protect himself. The more than 20 million yuan he sent to Banxia doesn’t even have a contract. His colleagues are complaining, and Banxia has come. Seeing that he was in a difficult situation, Banxia felt compassionate and thought about whether to sell the steel, but Zhao Lei refused instead, asking to wait until the market recovered.

One wave is not flat, and another wave rises again. Guo Qidong went to the court to sue Banxia, ​​and the lawyer’s advice to Banxia was to try to meet Guo Qidong’s request, otherwise, once it went to court, the matter would get out of hand. Pinellia was under too much pressure and didn’t eat well, so she passed out and was sent to the People’s Hospital.

After waking up, she still couldn’t let go of the company’s affairs, and asked Su Guodong to pull out the needle for herself, but she was too tired after walking a few steps. The company is now in a dilemma. Many people come to Chen Yuyu to ask for money. He has no money, so he just stays on the construction site. Chen Yuyu is like a bodhisattva, and he dare not offend anyone.

The tidal flats in Xiutan Village were sealed by the court. The head of Xiutan Village brought people to make trouble and demanded unilateral termination of the lease contract with Banxia Company. Chen Zhouyu was beaten and ran around with his head in his arms.

Xu Youren’s side is also in a state of desperation, Qianqian’s mother insists on him going to court with Banxia, ​​and will get the house back no matter what. In order to get work for the team, with the help of Gao Xinyi, Tong Xiaoqi dressed like a dog and went to see Vice President Gao and put forward his request. Vice President Gao also admired Pinellia, so he agreed and asked him to contact the secretary, who was in charge of the cooperation between social vehicles and units.

Ban Xia returned home, but was still holding a bottle. When Chen Yuyu came to see her, his face was bruised and purple. Facing Ban Xia’s concern, he lied and said that he accidentally fell. Ban Xia didn’t know that the tidal flat was closed, and was concerned about paying rent to the villagers, but Chen Yuyu didn’t tell her. He asked about Ban Xia’s plans for that batch of steel.

Ban Xia said that he planned to trust Zhao Lei. When the steel price in the market recovered, the universe said that Zhao Lei had been demoted, and asked Ban Xia if he should call Zhao Lei. Ban Xia knew that Zhao Lei had the same personality as himself, and hated others for being pitiful at this time, so Ban Xia didn’t make this call.

With the help of Vice President Gao, Tong Xiaoqi’s convoy finally made it to work, but it was raining heavily this day, and Gao Xinyi was not afraid of hardship or tiredness, and followed Tong Xiaoqi wholeheartedly. Although Zhao Lei was demoted, in the phone calls between him and Banxia, ​​eight out of ten sentences were to make Banxia feel relieved. With a shy face, Chen Zhouwen went to the village head of Xiutan Village with some gifts.

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