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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 7 Recap

Hou Baosheng woke up quickly. Ma Wu and others realized that he was not interested in money women, so they quickly asked the technician to change the subject and guide him to honor. Zhao Yunfei deliberately sat down beside Cao Shun with a cup of tea, and asked about Hou Baosheng’s situation. Hearing that they were using hallucinogens, he casually said that the hallucinogens they used could kill people. Under the influence of hallucinogens, Hou Baosheng named Shen Jie, and then Qishu.

Zhao Yunfei was shopping at Wang Zhenchuan’s place, and when he met Mrs. Wu to do some shopping, she asked Mrs. Wu to help her greet Gao Dafu, saying that she would visit her house the next day. Xiao Qi got the dispatch list from Wang Zhenchuan and intends to send it out, but the enemy’s detection has become more frequent recently, and the superiors require Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen’s radio stations to be hidden and only used in emergencies. As for this list, Wang Zhenchuan will find another way.

Chen Yuting is still investigating the matter of her adoptive father, but she heard that Chen Yuting and Zhao Yunfei are in a relationship recently and she didn’t stop her, she just asked to remind them to pay attention to their style of work. Gao Dafu’s mother was lingering on the sick bed, and planned to find a Feng Shui master to see if there was any collision.

The Gao family has not repaired the ancestral tomb for many years, Mr. Feng Shui asked them to go back and repair the ancestral tomb as soon as possible, so that the old lady can have a turnaround. Although the journey home was long and busy, but for the sake of the old lady Gao Dafu, he decided to leave as soon as possible, and asked Adjutant Zhou and Aunt Wu to prepare the things they needed. They all bought in Wang Zhenchuan’s store.

The relationship between Chen Yuting and Zhao Yunfei was highly concerned by colleagues in the review group. When faced with ridicule, both of them ignored it and laughed it off. Zhao Yunfei was suddenly invited by Boss Hu to meet him, saying that there were still friends waiting for him there. Zhao Yunfei went there and found that his two brothers were both arrested by Boss Hu. Fortunately, they were just acting to tease Zhao Yunfei. Zhao Yunfei was relieved when he saw the four sets of bowls and chopsticks on the table.

Gao Dafu and his party finished their sacrifices to their ancestors and went to Wanxing Temple according to Mr. Feng Shui’s instructions. Our intelligence personnel used the whereabouts to send information out of the city. Gao Dafufang noticed that something was wrong with the abbot, and decided to start reconnaissance around tomorrow. Zhenzhen’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, Xiao Qi accompanied her for the prenatal checkup, the husband and wife are very happy.

Cao Shun brought Hou Baosheng to Ma Wu, hoping to cooperate with Hou Baosheng, but Hou Bao was so angry that he cursed them for being shameless. Hou Baosheng was sent to the hospital for treatment, Xiao Qi and Zhenzhen passed them by. After leaving the hospital, the two met Zhao Yunfei and Chen Yuting again. Knowing that Zhenzhen was pregnant, Zhao Yunfei quickly congratulated her, and they made an appointment to play basketball together.

Cao Shun led people to arrest Shen Jie. He really couldn’t believe that such a little girl would be Hou Baosheng’s direct leader. Hou Baosheng was watched to death in the hospital, and there was no chance to escape. At the same time, Shen Jie was also carefully avoiding the enemy’s tracking.

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