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The Indomitable Mission 信仰 Episode 6 Recap

Wang Zhenchuan took Zhuzi with great difficulty and left the pier, educating Zhuzi that they should not make unnecessary sacrifices, but Zhuzi got some useful information and did not reveal himself, anyway, he has been with Wang Zhenchuan for a long time. Shen Jie used the ballroom to deliver information, and Linda found out that she was a student and kicked her out, saying that it was for her own good, a desperate female student came here, and it was not her destination. Zhao Yunfei wanted to help, but there was nothing he could do after hearing what Linda said. Zhao Yunfei bought a bouquet of roses for Chen Yuting at the entrance of the ballroom, but Chen Yuting knocked them down vigilantly.

Zhao Yunfei and Chen Yuting were dating in the ballroom. Suddenly someone broke into a fight while they were chatting, and everyone fled. Chen Yuting stopped Zhao Yunfei from making a move. Tonight, Cao Shun, who just joined the action team, arrested the Communists. At that time, he killed the son of the deputy county magistrate and was arrested. After escaping from the tiger’s mouth, he was recommended by Dai Li to the action team and made a contribution. However, Ma Wu was very vigilant towards him. Worried that he would not be true to himself.

Shen Jie was stared at by her classmates for entering and leaving the ballroom. Many unusual details gave Shen Jie some unusual premonitions, and she decided to enter the ballroom to deliver information, but Linda had ordered that Shen Jie not be allowed to enter the ballroom. Because of the one-way contact, Shen Jie didn’t know that Linda was also her own, but Linda had already seen the secret agent secretly following her. In order to prevent Shen Jie from being exposed, Linda asked someone to drive Shen Jie from the ballroom. go out.

Zhao Yunfei asked Liu Jiajun about the person arrested by the action team in the ballroom last night. Liu Jiajun hurriedly reminded him not to interfere in this matter. Since the last incident, no important criminals have come here. He had to be transferred away, Liu Jiajun told Zhao Yunfei not to intervene anymore, he didn’t want anything to happen to Zhao Yunfei.

Dai Li bought two polygraphs from the United States. Ma Wu hurriedly asked someone to go to the bureau to get the equipment. Unexpectedly, Zhuang Meijiao withheld the equipment and scolded them in a foreign language. It was a waste to give them the equipment. Ma Wu was so angry that she went to find Zhuang Meijiao and moved out District Chief Ye, and Zhuang Meijiao compromised.

Chen Yuting suddenly took Zhao Yunfei away, saying she was going on a date. The action team used a lie detector to interrogate Hou Baosheng, but the machine made a mistake before he spoke. Ma Wu could only use the most traditional method. Hou Baosheng is not only Shen Jie’s comrade, but also a like-minded lover, but there has been no news for several days. In a place she doesn’t know, Hou Baosheng is suffering from inhuman abuse. betray.

In order to force Hou Baosheng to speak, Cao Shun and Ma Wu invited two technicians. Hou Baosheng knew what medicine the other party was going to give him, but he couldn’t resist. After one injection, Hou Baosheng fell asleep. Zhao Yunfei secretly approached the action team, wanting to inquire about Hou Baosheng’s news. Hou Baosheng was hypnotized when he woke up again, and the two technicians directly used Hou Baosheng’s mother to wake him up, trying to take the opportunity to force Hou Baosheng to tell the inside story.

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