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Shining Just For You 九州·朱颜记 Episode 5 Recap

Ye Jingqing’s condition is dying, and he hopes that Yi Wuyou will go to Tianqi to see Ye Lingshuang after he dies, and if he stays by her side, he will definitely find the star meteorite. Yi Wuyou hastily assured that he would protect Ye Lingshuang even if it wasn’t for the Star Flow Stone. Ye Jingqing knew Yi Wuyou’s sincerity towards Ye Lingshuang, but it was a pity that the only one standing beside her was the king. After saying this, Ye Jingqing went to die, and Yi Wuyou had no choice but to return to Tianqi to continue the great cause of the Yu clan.

All the infants in the world felt guilty towards Qi Hailian, but Qi Hailian was also grieving for the hatred of destroying his ancestors. Ye Lingshuang ran out after signing in. Fan Zheng saw Ye Lingshuang strutting in the official uniform on the street and felt that something was wrong with her, so he asked someone to follow her. Ye Lingshuang inquired about some news on the street, and soon it will be the day to pay the auspicious address, but Ye Lingshuang is still not in a hurry. Yunwen felt that these places she counted were outrageous, and they were all wastelands of Tianqi.

The day came when Qin Tianjian came to see off Heli, and Ye Lingshuang entered the harem, but the ladies in the palaces didn’t care anymore, and instead asked Ye Lingshuang to chat with him. They said that Yu Xiuming didn’t like women at all, only Leng Tianxi followed Yu Xiuming for many years, but she didn’t come today. So Ye Lingshuang went to meet Leng Tianxi and asked her how she thought of Yu Xiuming, saying that she wanted to get to know him better. Leng Tianxi said that Yu Xiuming has always been very casual about the fate of the stars, and that fate should be firmly in his own hands.

So Ye Lingshuang handed over those auspicious locations to Jie Haitian, who scolded him for playing around and insisted on recalculating. However, Ye Lingshuang still reported the four auspicious locations to Yu Xiuming. These places were all ordinary. She knew that Yu Xiuming didn’t believe in the fate of stars, so it didn’t matter where the auspicious locations were. Yu Xiuming was very satisfied with this explanation, and finally chose Nangong as the auspicious site. Ye Lingshuang calculated the merits of the auspicious site, and was promoted to the head of Qin Tianjian, and Jie Haitian asked her to be in charge of supervising the construction.

Yu Xiuming is very satisfied with Ye Lingshuang, there are very few people with such a brain who knows how to advance and retreat, and Nangong is indeed a good place. Fan Ruhui asked Fan Zheng to ask about Ye Lingshuang, Fan Zheng asked three things and didn’t know, and was scolded by Fan Ruhui, what Fan Ruhui wanted was the world of Da Chao, and the most important thing now was to bring down Jie Haitian.

Yi Wuyou arrived at Tianqi, and when she was sheltering from the rain, she met a girl wearing a veil playing the piano. Yi Wuyou felt that her playing method seemed somewhat similar. Qi Hailian told Jie Zhuying that she could help get the Fanghua Mirror, on condition that they take turns to work. Qi Hailian planned to follow Jie Zhuying all the way to Tianqi and kill Yu Xiuming, otherwise the Yebei people would not have a chance, this is to keep the Yebei people alive.

Fan Ruhui seized the evidence of Jie Zhuying’s cover-up of Ye Bei, and planned to read him a book tomorrow, but he didn’t expect that Yu Xiu would intercept his letter early in the morning, and quickly called Jie Haitian to see him. He never ordered to slaughter the old and the weak. Jie Haitian claimed that he was doing it for Da Chao, but who knew that Jie Zhuying did not follow the order at all. In order to protect Jie Zhuying, Jie Haitian can only admit his mistakes, but tomorrow Fan Ruhui will impeach Jie Zhuying in public, and Yu Xiuming will have no choice but to do so. Jie Haitian hurriedly begged, so that he could taste the lives of all the infants in the world.

The next day, Yu Xiuming announced that the country would be divided into Kyushu and set up a capital guard.

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